The Summer Sweat

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti 

It's okay to admit that we all want to feel "
hot", especially in the summertime. That is the time of the year when we're told to strip down into our bikinis, shorts and flimsy little sun dresses. Of course everyone wants to look amazing in whatever they choose to wear and this all starts with how you feel when you look in the mirror. You should never want to change your body because of what other people may think - always do it for yourself.

Whether you want to tone up or work on your stubborn areas with exercise, it's recommended for women to use a specially designed female fat burner, women hold more water weight than men and this helps to combat that. Too much water weight causes bloating, and we all know how that feels! Maybe you want to get a little bit fitter - but a lot of that depends on your body type and the commitment you put in. While you figure that out, have a chat with your doctor about what techniques may be right for you.

There are plenty of different exercises out there to target all of those 'problem' areas, there's no excuse not to find something perfect for you. Here are a few of the latest popular workouts and also a few of my favorites....

If you like the idea of a centered mind, body and soul, as well as a lean, sculpted body and great flexibility, then yoga may be the option for you. Yoga is pretty much an array of different stretches that put you in some rather interesting positions, and your aim is to hold them and keep a steady breath throughout - which is surprisingly hard to do at first! Once you get into the regular habit, you will find it a lot easier, and your body will grow stronger. Within the first few weeks you will not only look and feel a big difference within your body, but your mental health can drastically improve too. Also there are quite a few yoga classes to choose from, such as aerial yoga, acroyoga (my favorite), Bikram yoga, vinyasa, power yoga and a few more. Check your local listings to discover what's around you.

Spinning is a fun, and very physical trend that all the celebrities seem to be jumping on. It's usually done as a class with a group of people that follow an instructor. You're on a stationary bike that you ride rather rapidly to some loud, funky music and a highly hyperactive teacher. It's great to do with a friend or two so you can have a giggle while burning away all those calories you consumed over the weekend. Cycling is very good for the mobility, especially if you have any aches and pains in your joints. Spinning, in particular, is so fast paced that you will be sweating out fat, so make sure you bring a water bottle so you can keep yourself hydrated and a towel to wipe away the blood, sweat and tears!

If you want an all over body workout, then swimming is ideal. It's also quite easy for beginners to get into as well. You don't have to learn any intricate technique or skills, a normal breaststroke is enough if you want to keep it simple, and just from that you'll be engaging every muscle in your body and toning up, as well as getting your heart racing and your blood flowing - essentially losing weight as you go. This is very good if you're on the larger side too, as you do not have to support your weight as the water does all that for you, so you can just focus on the swimming and enjoy it. Plus you won't get sore from swimming as you would from lifting weights at the gym.

This summer be the best version of you by implementing some of the hottest fitness trends out there into your lifestyle. Dear readers, how will you become the best version of yourself this summer?

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