About Me

Jacqui is a Fashion Illustrator. She started Burgundy Whispers in early 2012, as an opportunity to have a creative outlet to express her ideas, style and inspirations. Jacqui's intentions for Burgundy Whispers are to showcase her fashion illustrations along with daily outfits, and to express ways to update and revamp the clothes in our own wardrobe. Graduating from University of the Arts and working as a wardrobe consultant, she has honed her stylistic knowledge within the Fashion Industry. She currently creates illustrative designs in the form of product designing, graphics and fashion illustrations. See her work on her website and enjoy her styling experiments here on this blog.

"Burgundy Whispers" was inspired by Jacqui's closet. Upon moving out into the real world, she realized that she needed space for all of her things outside of her bedroom because all of it would not fit! Burgundy Whispers, is a room filled with fashion and fun that speaks to Jacqui, or at least she wants to believe it does! 

Regular content include...
-Chic Series
-Beauty Bit
-I Dream of...
-Who's That Girl?
-It Girls

To see illustrations go to Jacqueline Moranti