Sneaker Head

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Transitioning from season to season is hard, between editing your closet to have more seasonal pieces to making sure your home looks and feels holiday appropriate there's just so much to do! As a warm weather dweller, living somewhere with temperate patterns can take some time to adjust even after years of living there. Between saying goodbye to flowy summer dresses and sandals to turtleneck sweaters and fleece lined boots can have your mind in a daze. I've even found myself wearing the trusty white sneakers I wore all summer long into the fall season without realizing that it's totally time to put them away. Let's face it, our summer appropriate sneakers have seen much better days. No need to worry, this season there are some new trendy sneaker styles to bring on the heat when things get pretty chilly! 



Photos by Derrick Hogue

At the dawn of a new season, there's always those few days or even weeks in which it's a bit cold at times and then the temperatures suddenly rise throughout the day. That's exactly how the Fall season is here in the northeastern states! I would much rather prefer the days stay warmer than colder but that's not being realistic. On days like such, I try to layer smartly, my secret to staying cool and warm is simply a vest! It's a piece that's often overlooked but essential to all of our closets.


Think Pink

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

It's October, a month in which can mean many things for people like Halloween, autumn, midterms, cooler temperatures, rich hue tones, layers, heart health, etc. One of the most significant things that October means to me is breast cancer awareness, the time of the year to honor the brave women who suffer and/ or have suffered from this life- threatening disease. Statistics state that more than 200,000 women everywhere are diagnosed with this cancer, every year. I find it important to highlight and take a moment to touch upon this topic because I've personally seen what this disease can cause on a human body, how it can strip a woman's confidence in a matter of hours. It's unfortunate that something so devastating is becoming a common thing, that's why I believe it's important to help bring awareness to the cause and what better way than with our most loved products in pink hues to support breast cancer awareness. 


Safety Measures

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

I'm a suburbs girl, I've spent most of my youth living outside of Philadelphia. The part of town in which you need to drive to the nearest plaza or mall to fetch your goods and have a yard big enough for a pool or two! It was what I was used to and accustomed to. So much naivety stems from this sort of lifestyle, I love my parents and family for shielding me but upon entering adulthood and moving into my own nest, in the city, I noticed a stark difference. Imagine living in a world where we didn't have to look behind us when we walked down the street or put a club on the steering wheel of your car. Not to make the adult world sound dire and scary but there are people out there that want to cause harm and we have to protect ourselves and find ways to prevent them from happening. Not living with the family meant adjusting to these new differences and coping with reality, from boxing lessons to traveling with friends but I always felt like I needed something else too. I've recently been using the solution for my woes with Wearsafe.



Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Everyone knows how great it feels to wear good fitting clothes, no slumps, no gaps and no bumps! When your clothes hug you in just the right way, it gives you confidence you never knew you had. But sometimes we overlook the fit of our most basic and first layer, bras. A bad fitting bra can ruin any outfit and cause some embarrassing moments, a conversation starter that no one asks for! I myself, have a love- hate relationship with bras, I've even given up on wearing "real" bras and reduced myself to bralettes and sports bras to avoid any visible panty lines.