How To Win The Holidays

The holiday season is the one time of the year when it's totally acceptable to buy that big ticket item. Nothing can quite compare to the payoff of finding that perfect gift for someone or even yourself! Impassioned bargain hunters unite, it's your season to find the best of the best at a fraction of the price. It's easy to get caught up with all the percentages thrown in your face, 20 percent, 30 percent or even 40 percent can seem overwhelming at first but I'll share with you my tips on staying sane and getting the best deals during the holiday season.


Give Mindfulness

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

In your best moments, confidence is an easy despondency. Conquering goals, having great health, and setting good relationships with friends and family, conflict free. It's as if the universe has your back. Then of course there are those times when it feels like the exact opposite. And lately, it's quite easy to fall into that feeling especially since Election day, the slump is real folks! For an entire week and a half my office has been so gloomy and retired from work and concentration. No matter how badass we are, there are those moments in life that seems to take every little bit of you to go on. And at those times it's like the universe is conspiring against you. Of course it's not the place that anyone wants to be in because you lose your power and what makes you, you. The one thing that's been helping me at those moments is my gratitude. Yes, you can't take total responsibility for some circumstances, just remember that giving wellness always helps to shift your focus. With Thanksgiving here, it's the perfect time to journey into empowerment through gratitude. 


Date To Day

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

We all have those stashes of dress in our closets that we wear on special dates and events, the slim hugging, micro mini, or cut out embellished type of dresses. While beautiful and intriguing on their own, sometimes you think about stretching out the use for it because we're not always going on a hot date! I've recently experimented with a few of my slinky dresses and got a good response. Check out how I turn my date night dresses to perfectly acceptable day outfits! 


Fall Winter 2016 Must Haves

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

This season is full of so many surprises from random holiday parties, office outings, election night and so much more! The best way to stay prepared is by keeping up with the latest must have trends this Fall/ Winter season. Stay in the know by being on point with your fashionable choices, this way you can ensure that you always stand out! Here are a few of my favorite pieces this season....


60 Minutes

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Did you know that an hour is more or less 4% of our day? That is why every hour counts, and making sure to use it wisely is of the utmost importance. My gym time is sacred, when I'm there I want every minute to count because I have goals that I want to reach and things that I have to do each day.  There are so many thing to factor in like commute time, the post- sweat rinse, the prep time... and suddenly working out can take up quite a chunk of your day. Over the years I have found that 60 minutes is all I need for my on-the-go lifestyle. If you can succeed at making the most of your time, you can achieve the benefits of a 90 minute workout or longer in just 2/3 of the time! The key is to monitor your rest periods and go with a plan.