Hair Goals

Illustration by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

We've all seen those commercials, the ones with the models twirling their super gorgeous hair around and prancing about how great this or that product helped them achieve the desired look. I'll admit there was a time when I did what I could to get those products and try it out to get that "hair commercial" look. But alas, as a young and misguided person of color with not too much resources, I thought I could do that too, I thought I could look like that too, but boy was I wrong! I never, not once achieved that look, not until I realized that I was doing it all wrong. Women of color have different hair textures than the one's that are so often portrayed in the mainstream media, it wasn't until I fell in to this realization that I learned how to actually get the hair goals for myself and not the ones that were thrown at me. With that said, my naturally frizzy hair still needs a lot of love and attention! Fortunately there has been a boost in resources and conversations of haircare for women in the darker end of the spectrum, one of those brands in particular is Schwarzkopf. And I totally love the new Gliss product line and what it does for my hair. 


SPF Easy

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

It's no secret that using spf infused products is essential to maintaining great skin for years. For those of you that don't know, too much sun can cause really bad long term problems for your skin. Might as well love the skin you're in and take care of it! As soon as the weather hits a stable 60 degree and sunny temperature I start to switch out my skin care products for other products with spf in it. That also includes body products too. While I like to consider myself a sun worshipper, I also make sure to know all the facts about too much sun. As you know, the sun causes pigmentation wrinkles, skin cancer, all of that is enough to send me running to my local department store for some adjustments to my skincare! I've been adding this special ingredient to my beauty ritual for years, yes my product rotation has greatly changed but my views on skincare are greatly cemented into my brain, thanks mom! Take a look at my current rotation! 


Spring Things

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

With every new season, we're excited to try new things. Whether it be that awesome new yoga studio in your neighborhood or that celebrity collaborated makeup line, there's something that make us look forward to it during that season! Spring is great because of the new opportunities for wearing dresses and skirts, open toe shoes and more outdoor events. Spring is also metaphorically the time to start fresh, and the beginning of new life. After cleaning out my closet and home to get it ready for spring, I'm ready for new things to inspire me that remind me of this wonderful season. I've compiled a list of my favorite Spring things!


Smart Stylist

illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

We all have those moments in which we wake up and have no idea what to wear for the day. On frequent occasion, I even feel like I don't know what to pair with this or that item of clothing, okay I'll be honest, that tends to be most mornings for me! When it comes to my work clothes, I usually stick with the usual blacks and greys to get myself out of the door fast, it's also easy to think in neutrals. Lately, I realize I don't want easy and that's where the frustration comes from! Fortunately there is an app to help with those fashion woes, called Cladwell!


New Wardrobe

Illustrated By Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Now that the weather is getting much more seasonal, it's time to break out all of the lightweight layers. Soon the new summer collections will be what's hot and in season, but a lot of expenses will also be on the horizon. Of course, I'd rather spend money on new clothes and summer fun, but unfortunately, rent and bills must take priority. However, this doesn’t mean that anyone should miss out on new clothes altogether. If you’re smart, you know there are several ways to update your wardrobe and still save money. Here are a few of my favorite suggestions...