A Girl's Best Friend

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

You know that old saying, "A man's best friend is his dog," it's also very true for women. Dogs have a way of warming your heart and putting a smile on your face no matter how you're feeling. My five year old pomeranian is no different! In the short amount of years he's been with me, he truly has my heart smitten! And because I, and millions of other dog owners, feel this way about our four legged children, it's important to have good products that nurture their skin and hair. 


Casual Cool

As you know, I have an undying love for tee shirts in all shapes and sizes. They are literally the easiest and coolest pieces for hot days. The looser and more billowy fitting shirt always wins me over, those are the shirts that can be paired with endless amounts of pieces! 


Beauty Bit, The Braiding Handbook

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

When the humidity sky rockets and the the temperatures become unbearable, my hair turns into the biggest frizz fest that the world has ever seen! There can only be but so many days that I can take wearing my hair out, on the other days I like to bun it. Unfortunately, wearing the same style over and over can be quite a drag! Something that's been helping me revive the tired ol' hairstyle is The Braiding Handbook by Abby Smith. The "hair braiding bible!"


T-Shirt Daze

Some days you just want to throw on a comfortable t shirt and pants because putting on anything else feels like such a hassle! It's been quite a hot and humid summer so far, and i'll admit that it's been making me a bit lazy with my warm weather dressing! One of my biggest essentials and main stay pieces for the summer is a handful of t shirts, they make getting dressed in the morning so much easier. Especially when they're quality tees! 


The Secret To Youth...

It's no secret, I love to smile! A smile has a way to connect people like none other, smiles are contagious and bring about happiness. Smiling often can also lengthen your life and make you look more attractive. I try to smile as much as I can and because of that I make sure to take really good care of my teeth! Aside from having braces, as an adolescent, and the annual dentist check ups, there are other things I do to maintain a healthy smile! 

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