Holiday Fit

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti
The second after Halloween is over, the holiday commercials begin to roll in, the decorations start to go up in your neighborhood and everyone suddenly has a bit more pep in their step. Yes, the holidays are officially here! There's so much to do in preparation, planning parties, baking, cooking, spending time with the family and friends, gift wrapping and this list can go on for miles! It's a beautiful time of the year but it can also be quite stressful if you let it overwhelm you. This is also a time where we tend to forget our healthy lifestyle, the busy schedule of holiday parties to attend takes over! Believe me, been there, done that, but lately I've been making great efforts into squeezing my workouts into my busy schedule to stay energized and healthy during this hectic time of the year!


Case It!

You might remember me gabbing on about my collaboration with Casetify from a few months ago. It's still quite a surreal feeling to have the support of my readers and friends to wear my art work on their phones and devices. Not only are you making your phone unique but also protecting it in style! Fortunately, Casetify is hosting a fabulous sale this week for those of you that want to dress your phone up the Burgundy Whispers way! 



Shopping in America has never been so easy. With over a million different retailers to choose from, one is never short on options! From high end to low brow, timeless to trendy, bright to bold, every one will fit the bill for the right retailer thats tailor made for them. Occasionally, shopping can feel quite daunting and dare I say boring! What if I don't want to wear what everyone else is purchasing, am I to give in because of my big, yet seemingly small options?! Fresh, new and still complying to my wardrobe's "dress code" is all i'm after, that's where European fast fashion retailer, Primark steps in! 


Fashion Hack Show Recap

A few weeks ago I met a group of very tech savvy people. Among them was Leslie Birch, an entrepreneur in the wearable tech field. It's really inspiring to me, to see women move into the world of technology. For years, technology, engineering and hackathons have been dominated by men and many companies have been touting for women to join and not actually letting them get on board with the program. Leslie Birch is a self proclaimed feminist, she's breaking down the walls and barriers to show the world that anyone can do it! I was recently invited to a fashion show in Philadelphia, in which wearable tech pieces were the focus and I even got a chance to model a piece! 


Musical Review 2015

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

2015 has been very musically inclined. Music defines moments and helps shape our thought processes at certain times. Musical therapy is something I take quite seriously, there's nothing quite like putting on a pair of headphones and tuning out the world to tune into your favorite tracks. Music is the emotion that we forget exists until certain events in our lives, music is a way of life, music is the unknown yet welcomed distraction. Music is the world's most known yet most innocuous form of medicine, it can help keep your emotions aligned and enliven your brainwaves. My music taste goes from a fast, prominent beat to a slowed down, meditative beat. Since I listen to so many tempos my state of mind and energy levels stay pretty fair. Music therapy is key, and I've listed my top albums from this past year that have truly captured my senses!