Personal Essay #14

Illustrated By Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Change is hard. It doesn't matter how adventurous you are or how "ready" you think you are for it. It's always challenging especially once you notice it begin to happen. I truly believe we all desperately want change and then when it happens we freak TF out and start to back pedal because maybe somewhere deep down inside, we didn't think it was actually ever going to happen. Or maybe we just like to complain all the time and blame external forces for the situations we have become complacent in.


Hello 2019

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Here we are, smack dab into the new year of 2019. I couldn't be much happier that it's a new year, I have a lot of high expectations but only because 2018 was an interesting year. There were some lows, there were some highs, but after getting through the deeply emotional stuff, i'm much stronger now. I feel much more free with my feelings and mind coming into this new year, even though I got here with a few struggles and tears in tow because of reasons too personal to speak about in detail here. I'm happy to have gotten through them by being focused and in control of my own pursuit of happiness. My own happiness. The most important strength I have gained this year, is having control over what influences me from the outside. Not everyone around you is going to be a positive influence, thats just reality. There is anxiety, stress, frustrations, and judgements all within us all the time, unconsciously. Difference is in how we reflect these things on the outside, how we interpret them, and how we work to turn them around. This past year, I learned the hard way. It was difficult but it was also the best way for me, controlling my emotions through the tough situations. And if I couldn't control a situation coming at me from the outside, then it was is best for me to walk away or move on from the things that felt negative for me. Maturing is learning when drama is not needed in ones life, harping on negativity is never worth mulling over. 


Beauty Bit, Frizz Tips

Illustrated By Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Every natural- haired chica knows the struggle of dealing with dry, crackly hair–especially during the frigid, winter months. As the air gets colder, it’s important to spend a little extra time keeping our hair both smooth and moisturized. Whether you’re rocking a protective style, or bravely sporting a "wash and go," here are my go to five essential tips and tricks to ensure your natural curls, kinks and coils stay soft and moisturized both in and out of this chilly season.


Keeping Up With Health Through Winter

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Despite the coming joys of the Holiday season, there is still plenty to be weary of this winter.
Cold weather provides a whole new set of obstacles for our health and can wreak havoc on our
bodies. However, with the right preparation, you can show winter who’s boss! Below are some
of my favorite tips to ensure your mind and body are in their best possible
state to combat the harsh elements.


If You Must Heat, Protect!

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Heat protection at times can be the epitome of a messy and greasy situation. From tacky textured hair, defected spray nozzles, and excess pours, this necessary step can be maddening for even the most patient. However many hairstylists would agree that the most criminal offense is a protectant that sells you the dream of heat protection, free of charred, split ends and foul smells (the usual burnt hair with a whiff of a fragrant additive) only to leave you with crispy curls hanging limply amongst frizzy kinks (we’ve all been there, especially me). Holiday season for many natural haired chicas like myself means more opportunity for straight hairstyles, no humidity to worry about frizz!

So how does hair become damaged to the point of no return? We damage our hair regularly through bleaching, color treatments, heat tools, and excessive sun exposure. Okay, so you don’t necessarily want to sacrifice your personal style to save your hair, but how can you keep your hair looking healthy without giving these up? Bottom line, heat damage is irreversible and should be avoided at all absolute costs. The solution, trusted protectants that deliver tried and true results.