Lazy Days

Somedays you just want to dress for yourself and be comfortable. It's summer in Philadelphia, which means rising temperatures and high humidity. With that said, it can get quite uncomfortable being outside for too long, especially dressed in the wrong fabrics. Denim starts to feel like second skin, polyester can feel suffocating, and not to mention silks! I try to avoid that distressed feeling by wearing relevant summer clothing. Relaxed and light, are my summer key words! 


The World On A Plate

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

If you know me, then you must know I  love food! I love fashion but it can't compare to my love for food. Food is nourishment for the mind and soul, food is the health and wellness that our bodies crave, food is love when nothing else will do. Obviously, I don't skimp when it comes to eating a tasteful cuisine, but have you ever wondered about the foods that define a certain region? How about the cuisines that pair better with a bordeaux wine versus a burgundy wine? I recently discovered an amazing book called The World On A Plate, by Mina Holland, which feeds the senses that satiate these questions and dozens more with an in depth view of each countries' specifics. 


Papa Bear, Little Bear

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti, c. 2008

Everyone has a father, but sadly not everyone has a dad. I've been fortunate enough to have a dad through out every step in my life, first steps, first words, homework assignments, school dances, ballet lessons, driving lessons, first heartbreak and college. Like any other family, we've had our bad moments but it's taught me a lot to appreciate. 


Hands Free Summer

Drafted by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

During the summer, I like to get up and go places. Learn new things, discover new places and explore new fashion risks! Nothing worse than a cute bag slowing you down from your excitement. I love bags, but I hate not being hands free when I'm trying to get to point B from point A, especially when you're on a bike. Shoulder bags, tote bags, clutches, I love them all yet they're not totally functional. This summer I'm trying out something different, something that lets me stay on trend and allows me to keep my freedom! Shoulder bags!


Century of Fashion

Illustration by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

We've seen  absolutely beautiful and amazing fashion over the past years, if you're like me, a 90's child then you've only just seen a tiny amount of the style world! Fashion has expanded over the years, it's great to see the influence the past styles have had on the current trends. Fashion is ever changing but some elements stay the same. Mode has created a video that helps us take a look back at a century's worth of fashion trends.

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