Beauty Bit, Put Your Best Lip Forward

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti
If there's anything I love more than shopping for new Fall footwear its definitely new lipsticks! A new lip shade can be your best accessory, and provide you with new found confidence. A bold new lip color may be all you need to boost your morale this upcoming season! When it comes to wearing daring lip colors, I tend to keep the rest of the makeup very minimal, that way the lips do all the talking! This Fall season, all of the latest shades will make you forget about the hot pink lipstick you loved all summer long. Why not have fun with your makeup, it's only temporary!


Slinky Silk

Technically, there are still two weeks of the Summer season left, but it's the time of the season where the weather can be quite unpredictable. Some days are bright and humid, others are cool and breezy which makes for the perfect time to experiment with ensembles! This is the time to mix and match your summer pieces with fun Fall items to make the transition smoothly. 


Links à la Mode: September 4th

Hello dear readers, this week one of my recent posts has been included in the weekly roundup of lovely links by Independent Fashion Bloggers. This particular group of links is all about being able to incorporate interesting accessories and pieces in to our everyday wear and what better piece to add to your look than a fun and unique phone case?! Check out the wonderful group of links!


Fit Retreat

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti
As you might already know from reading my Twitter feed, I'm addicted to fitness. Fitness has totally encompassed my lifestyle and I'm okay with it! Living a healthy lifestyle was something I've always taken seriously, it was never a fad or a trend for me. Once I set a goal, I do everything in my power to reach it and lately for me my fitness goals have been achievable, one after the other. But like many, you reach a point when you want to learn more and do more, that's when I found out about City Fit Girls Fit Retreat


Casetify Your Phone

Hello dear readers, I wanted to update you on an exciting venture I've been up to. As you know, I like to illustrate, alot! I recently submitted some work to Casetify and was accepted to create a gallery for their artist series! It's really exciting to me because it presents a new way for illustrations to be featured. Illustrations are everywhere, from the graphic tees we wear to the package designs for furniture, from magazines to novels and now our beloved cell phones and tablets. It's also nice to add something to my repertoire to show my parents, they still aren't certain of what illustrations are! #ParentsJustDontUnderstand

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