Festival Style Refresh

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

With the beginnings of the warmer weather marks a brand new music festival scene! From Coachella to Electric Daisy and countless other festivals, there are many opportunities to look boho fresh! This year like the past is no different although the styles are better and bolder. And ofcourse before you grab last year's floral sundress, remember that in 2017 it's all in the details! This year, even if you don't have tickets, take the time to refresh your festival style with some new trends.


The Purge

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Can you believe it, Spring season is almost here! I always associate the mark of Spring with Daylight Savings Time and this year the weather is unseasonably warmer too. Another reminder about the transition is my closet, a wardrobe cleanse is in the works! Also in order to add any new additions to your closet you will have to de clutter and purge it to get rid of items that you no longer love or wear anymore, because your closet just can't take it anymore! Wardrobe overhaul is real and some mornings getting dressed can feel like an episode of "Hoarders!" Purging your closet can feel exciting, relieving, overwhelming and stressful, all at the same time. Fortunately, Tommy John has provided us with a few tips to help with Spring cleaning! 


Beauty Bit, Night Shift

Illustrated By Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Every winter, without skipping a beat, my skin loses all traces of moisture and hydration. The chilly winter air is harsh and drying on my complexion, with the results of this being tight skin, itching, and dry, flaky patches that are anything but glamorous! As soon as my skin starts to react to the cold weather, I switch up my routine to put the focus on infusing my skin with ultimate moisture and soothing my skin. The most important time of the day for your beauty revival is at night, that's when I make sure to do the most for my routine because when we sleep it allows the vitamins, minerals and all the good stuff to do it's job. Here's a look at what's currently in my arsenal to battle old man Winter this season....


Pink Panther

Photos by Derrick Hogue

Life can get so hectic and so busy, it can feel like you're moving at lightening speed while everyone and everything is running much slower. I like to define myself as a workaholic, I'm constantly working on multiple projects at once, running from one place to another, squeezing in appointments. I used to think that not being busy was the worst, at the time it felt like I wasn't doing enough with my life. Having a day planner filled to the brim with appointments and deadlines was my dream.... and now that it's a reality, I feel like I should've taken advantage of the free time I had. Believe me, when those days and time frames come by now, I make sure to really enjoy it. And wearing pink feathers is certainly a way to do so! 


The Cultural Ear

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

How often can you listen to Hoobastank on repeat? If you're answer is no more than once, then I totally agree with you (no offense to hardcore fans!). Sometimes listening to the same albums and songs on repeat can get a bit tiresome and when you work a 9 to 5 it gets really boring listening to the same stuff. I can only take listening to Zayn croon about his relationship status for a little bit! On any given day I spend about 5 hours using my one of my phone's best features, the Podcast app. Even better is that for iPhone users it comes built into the phone, making it easier for you to quench that curiosity! My work day, running, weight lifting and traveling experiences have changed forever because of this app, it's like a spoken word section just sitting there and waiting for your curiosity to pick it up.  I listen to so many podcasts and many times it depends on my mood, like if I want learn something educational I'll listen to Hidden Brain or TED Talks Radiohour, if I want to listen to something political I'll listen to Slate's Political Gabfest or Democracy Now, if I want to listen to pure gossip I'll listen to The Read or Lady Problems. But there's one podcast that truly gets me every time, I wait on hinges every Friday afternoon for a new episode of Latino USA.