Pink Panther

Photos by Derrick Hogue

Life can get so hectic and so busy, it can feel like you're moving at lightening speed while everyone and everything is running much slower. I like to define myself as a workaholic, I'm constantly working on multiple projects at once, running from one place to another, squeezing in appointments. I used to think that not being busy was the worst, at the time it felt like I wasn't doing enough with my life. Having a day planner filled to the brim with appointments and deadlines was my dream.... and now that it's a reality, I feel like I should've taken advantage of the free time I had. Believe me, when those days and time frames come by now, I make sure to really enjoy it. And wearing pink feathers is certainly a way to do so! 


The Cultural Ear

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

How often can you listen to Hoobastank on repeat? If you're answer is no more than once, then I totally agree with you (no offense to hardcore fans!). Sometimes listening to the same albums and songs on repeat can get a bit tiresome and when you work a 9 to 5 it gets really boring listening to the same stuff. I can only take listening to Zayn croon about his relationship status for a little bit! On any given day I spend about 5 hours using my one of my phone's best features, the Podcast app. Even better is that for iPhone users it comes built into the phone, making it easier for you to quench that curiosity! My work day, running, weight lifting and traveling experiences have changed forever because of this app, it's like a spoken word section just sitting there and waiting for your curiosity to pick it up.  I listen to so many podcasts and many times it depends on my mood, like if I want learn something educational I'll listen to Hidden Brain or TED Talks Radiohour, if I want to listen to something political I'll listen to Slate's Political Gabfest or Democracy Now, if I want to listen to pure gossip I'll listen to The Read or Lady Problems. But there's one podcast that truly gets me every time, I wait on hinges every Friday afternoon for a new episode of Latino USA.


A Gentlewoman's Guide

When it comes to getting dressed and ready for special occasions one has to approach it as a "pregame!" Everyone has their own version of a morning routine, several cups of coffee, applications of concealer and mascara, selfie stick photos and some instagram stalking, no ones judging! After all, prepping yourself for the day at hand can come quite instinctively since it's like getting ready for a battle, one that includes meetings, rush hour, work, adulting. The best prepping is done after dark, when getting ready ahead of a night out, especially for Valentines Day. Vday, whether it is spent with that special someone or with your gal pals or even by yourself deserves a special prepping treatment, for an evening like none other, an evening of freedom and not a battle! 


For The Love of Shoes

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Every year, thousands of women everywhere, on this specific date dress up in the most seemingly obnoxious or very simplistic ensembles, never in between. Valentines day is just around the corner and many of you probably have already picked out your outfits for that day, figuring out what dress to wear is easy because it's most likely the first piece of item thought of for that event. I, myself have no problem trying to figure out what dress or flirty skirt I'm going to wear, but I challenged my self to think differently this time. It comes to no surprise that i'm obsessed with shoes, I want to make my footwear be the center of attention this year. I'm experimenting with nudes! 


Drink Yourself To Great Skin

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Most people know that drinking water is the best way to heal your mind, body and soul. Water is essential to life, even our bodies are made up of 70% water and the earth is also mostly a large body of water. Did you also know that drinking more water can also help you with your skin? I tend to drink the amount needed everyday, at least a gallon of water to keep the doctor away! As easy as it is for me to just drink straight up room temperature water, I know that not many of my friends or family can do the same. A lot of my friends tell me that drinking water gets boring and then get tempted to drink a caffeinated beverage. While most dermatologists and doctors, like Dr. Christoper Calapai D.O. the anti aging expert and long time health advisor to the New York Rangers hockey team, preach the benefits of drinking more water it might be much more exciting to reach for something else, fortunately I tried some healthy and delicious water recipes to help remind you of just how delicious water really is!