What's In My Toolbox

Have you guys heard of Design*Sponge? If not you're missing out on the fabulous curations by many designers of all forms and mediums. Fortunately, I was hand picked to be featured on it recently, it was such a fun interview!


Beauty Bit, The Victoria's Secret Way

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Aside from dreaming about having the genetically blessed bodies as seen on the Victoria's Secret Fashion shows, the models' glowing skins are also something to be quite envious of. Good skincare is all you need for a hydrated and youthful complexion, after all, that is all you need to feel like Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio or Lily Aldridge! Even the most beautiful models need a little bit of a boost to look flawless on one of fashion's biggest night of the year. Victoria's Secret models turn to their secret weapon for flawless skin, the Triad Facial and the Triad Body Treatment!


Winter's Trespassing

Photography by Kevin Michael Smith

This winter in Philadelphia has felt nothing like the winter's before, it's been mild and balmy. For me, that meant to take full advantage of it! Peel away the heavy layers and textures to reveal your skin again, wear that autumn jacket that you forgot about and pull out those flowy dresses! This Winter, mother nature has been kind to us by granting us 70-60 degree days, in January, which is unheard of for the northeastern states! I'll take what we can get! 


Body Love

Photography by Cheyenne Gil

Have you ever stared in the mirror and completely pick out things about yourself that you absolutely hated? From head to toe, picking and prodding each section of your body that needed improvement. I'd create plans that could change the parts of me that I couldn't stand to look at anymore and for a while that worked but, I would honestly rather take care of my health and well being in a much more positive way because the truth was, I was miserable trying to change what made me, me! I've since learned how to take better care of myself and I've been loving the process from the foods to eat, to the fun new exercise classes I've been taking! I realized that I wanted to celebrate the excitement I had for me and what better way to show that than with esteemed photographer Cheyenne Gil's sultry Body Love Tribe photo sessions!?


Clear Thinking

Illustrated by Jacqueline Moranti Davis
The holidays can be quite stressful, from all the planning and decorating to all the bad eating and holiday parties. It's quite easy to get distracted and fall off your usual lifestyle. Once you start changing your good habits to habits that can have a negative impact on your health, your mind becomes fogged and unable to do uncomplicated tasks. I've tried meditating and doing several yoga classes to help clear my mind and sometimes it actually does work but lately my stresses have taken it to a whole new level, that something else is definitely needed.