Fit Retreat

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti
As you might already know from reading my Twitter feed, I'm addicted to fitness. Fitness has totally encompassed my lifestyle and I'm okay with it! Living a healthy lifestyle was something I've always taken seriously, it was never a fad or a trend for me. Once I set a goal, I do everything in my power to reach it and lately for me my fitness goals have been achievable, one after the other. But like many, you reach a point when you want to learn more and do more, that's when I found out about City Fit Girls Fit Retreat


Casetify Your Phone

Hello dear readers, I wanted to update you on an exciting venture I've been up to. As you know, I like to illustrate, alot! I recently submitted some work to Casetify and was accepted to create a gallery for their artist series! It's really exciting to me because it presents a new way for illustrations to be featured. Illustrations are everywhere, from the graphic tees we wear to the package designs for furniture, from magazines to novels and now our beloved cell phones and tablets. It's also nice to add something to my repertoire to show my parents, they still aren't certain of what illustrations are! #ParentsJustDontUnderstand


Athletic Chic

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Do you remember the first time you went swimsuit shopping? Do you remember feeling the dread and anticipation from it? I remember it like it was just yesterday, I needed something for my family vacation since I had just retired my old swimsuit which had a print with The Magic School Bus on it! As I approached a new and difficult phase of life, teenage years, I literally put away and donated anything that made me seem "babyish" because I wanted to prove to my family that I was mature and that I could be talked to as an adult! One of the tasks into "adulthood" was to get a sophisticated bathing suit, one that didn't scream out Hello Kitty, Barbie, or My Pretty Ponies.  The first swimsuit to make me feel like a lady was by RVCA


Mister Dress Up

Hey readers, I wanted to let you know that one of my designs was picked to appear in the Mister Dress-Up artist of the month series! Mister Dress-Up is an awesome online store from Montreal, Canada. Every month, new artists and designs are introduced to feature their exclusive t- shirt designs and this month I will be a part of it! 


Made In America Fest

It's almost that time of the year, the unofficial end of Summer, Labor day weekend. Time to say good bye to those fabulous warm weathered adventures and fashions but one Summer time goodness still stands true, the music festivals! Music festivals are great because they provide you with many rhythmic choices. If you're not into one artist's music then you can walk over to the next tent, for another that meets your satisfaction. My favorite fact about music festivals is that it has a way to unify people. Genres are molded together in one place to bring people from all over to celebrate bliss with sweet beats. "Like minded people gather together." It's truly a beautiful thing! This Labor Day weekend, August 30-31st, in Philadelphia, the Budweiser Made In America Festival sets up shop for it's third consecutive year to showcase the hottest and latest in music right now!

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