House of Couture

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

In fashion there are movers and shakers from all sorts of realms. You have designers that have struggled to get to where they are, artists that have had to overcome some major obstacles and influencers fighting to be heard. Very rarely do you come across fashion addicted individuals that want something more than fashion, more than just garments worn on their bodies. Fashionista and philanthropist, Joy Bianchi, can often be found dressed to the nines at galas and events throughout the San Fransisco area but her admiration for fashion and style is not a mere superficial endeavor. Bianchi is directly connected in her desire to help people.



Some of you may have noticed that i've created a Facebook page for Burgundy Whispers. I was always weary about creating one, especially since it would be something else to maintain for social media purposes. Thanks to someone for pushing me to do it, or else I would never have realized how successful it truly is! I've only created it earlier this month and I've already reached 500+ likes on it, it feels almost surreal and amazing that I could have garnered such support! 


Beauty Bit, No Makeup Makeup

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

I tend to change my makeup routines with the seasons, it's the best way to keep up with trends and make sure your makeup cabinet stays fresh. Makeup gets boring especially if done repetitively, I always seek for new innovative products. Anything that can get me ready and out of the door in 10 minutes is key! For the Fall season, the air is cooler and the sun is not as strong which means lessening your use of sunscreen, but not completely! As the leaves change I'm switching up my routine so that it coincides with the temperature difference. 


The September Issue

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

A new season is upon us, leaves are changing and the weather is finally at a crisp, comfortable temperature for light jackets and hoodies. September also marks the new year for fashion, which also means a slew of various fashion weeks, worldwide. September is like the birth of trends to come, the runways feature the latest trends for the upcoming Spring /Summer and it's also like a new start for fashionistas everywhere to change their look. My favorite part of September? The September issues, from all over the newsstands! 


The Art of Jewelry

Illustration by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Jewelry can make any outfit go from drab to fab in seconds. Accessorizing is a statement, one that can boost confidence and help you achieve your dreams--- Okay not quite like that, but the right accessories can make the biggest difference. Just think of that boring little black dress, in the back of your closet. Imagine it totally revamped with a dazzling new necklace or a pair of vivacious earrings to go with it?! I have had many instances like this, but sometimes it's hard to find completely unique jewelry, something that no one has. Thanks to this new jewelry site, Anjolee, all of those woes are about to change!