Beauty Bit, Clarins Skincare

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti
As you know, switching your skincare routine out of winter mode is very pertinent! For me that includes higher SPF dosages, much more natural ingredients and of course lots of hydration for a dewy glow. No one want to be stuck with too oily skin, which heavier winter products tend to be, trust me, I've done that before and it isn't a good look! Spring is about re awakening your skin from the dry and cold wintery weather and make it glow from within. I recently got to try out a couple of products from Clarins latest Spring 2014 collection and I'm truly amazed with the results I have received, radiant skin, here I come!


My Motivation

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

As you may all know I'm pretty addicted to fitness. It's a big part of me and dare I say it, my lifestyle! Although, many of my friends and family just don't understand it. They ask why I'm so devoted to it, why is it important now, what's the big deal with being fit, and many more questions. There are many reasons to devote yourself to a more fit lifestyle and I want to share my reasons with you.


Moving Past the Old

As an illustrator, you go through many sketches and pencils. Pounds of draft paper later and you have the finished piece, but what happens to all of those ideas you just scrapped? They all get put away in a folder, on that random external hard drive that you always seem to forget. That's how it is with me! A lot of them are truly terrible concepts or ideas but some of them are real gems. 


Greyed Out

I have a strange way of thinking, I like to refresh and restart seasons by cleansing my color palette and to do so, I tend to start off with neutral colors. Grey is one of the best colors to experiment with, you can mix and match it with dark, bold, bright, soft, intense or light colors and it will not take away from the additives. That's what makes grey such a great base to play with.


Skipping Into Spring

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Spring has finally sprung and the terrible weather has finally ceased to exist, well not quite yet here in Philadelphia but it's getting there! It's time to put away all of those heavy layers and pull out the frilly dresses and bright colored clothing. Best part about the spring season is all of the footwear options you now have to play with! Those dirt encrusted and slushy dried sediment boots can finally be put to rest until next year... I've lived in my boots all winter long, I yearn for something different! On the radar, for footwear this season is all about flats. Heels are fantastic, nothing like a 5 inch heel to make a woman feel fabulous, but sometimes it's nice to give our feet a break. Here are a few of my favorites flat shoes for this Spring......

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