Ditch The Flops

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

It's summer and the living is easy! The weather is warm and beautiful (most days) and of course sandal season is upon us. It's time to put away those booties and loafers for something much more comfortable to walk around in the heat. While reaching for your flip flops might be the simple and easy choice, it's definitely a fashion faux pas! Sure fashion is subjective but if you want to make an entrance those $5 flips flops from Old Navy just aren't going to cut it! This summer I'm making an entrance and turning the sidewalks into runways with Soft Surroundings latest summer footwear collection! 

At the top of everyone's shoe choices for the warmest season is definitely something that will provide you with effortless style and of course, comfort. Soft Surroundings heard that cry for help from every fashionista and gathered their take on the top trends for the upcoming months. At the very top of that list was mules, followed by espadrilles and ballet inspired sandals. Each trend has a unique way of blending into everyone's style and become ridiculously easy and comfortable to wear.

One of those trends is the mule sandals. This style can be dressed up and dressed down with it's versatile silhouette, it's quite a lady like style that can fit in to the most minimalist closet to the most trendiest. Many mules today come in different heights, prints and styles, Soft Surroundings has quite a few to choose from like this pair from Seychelles.

I don't know about you, but I know that I personally love to wear heels even though i'm slightly afraid of heights. The thing with heels is that after a few hours of wear, standing can feel almost impossible! Soft Surroundings has a lot of heeled choices to help combat that uncomfortable feeling with stacked heels! This particular pair from Bettye is simplified chic with a subtle sexiness added with the lace up detail. Stacked heels unlike stilettos provide more stability and comfort making it easier to wear for longer periods of time!

Espadrilles will forever be a summer staple no matter whether it's a more classic style or on trend, it's here to stay! Espadrilles the epitome of comfort and effortless shoe style for the summer, the woven soles and linen or canvas uppers make it an easy style to clean up too. When it comes to footwear for me, I like for my shoes to speak out, this pair from Soft Surroundings is just what I need!

This summer don't forget to make an entrance with bold summer footwear choices from Soft Surroundings! Sandal season will be a breeze with these fun and easy choices, now to ditch the old $5 flip flops! Dear readers, what footwear choices will you make this summer?

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