Body Love

Photography by Cheyenne Gil

Have you ever stared in the mirror and completely pick out things about yourself that you absolutely hated? From head to toe, picking and prodding each section of your body that needed improvement. I'd create plans that could change the parts of me that I couldn't stand to look at anymore and for a while that worked but, I would honestly rather take care of my health and well being in a much more positive way because the truth was, I was miserable trying to change what made me, me! I've since learned how to take better care of myself and I've been loving the process from the foods to eat, to the fun new exercise classes I've been taking! I realized that I wanted to celebrate the excitement I had for me and what better way to show that than with esteemed photographer Cheyenne Gil's sultry Body Love Tribe photo sessions!?

Cheyenne Gil's Body Love Tribe sessions are about celebrating yourself on a daily basis because you ARE beautiful! It's about showing everyone how much you love your body, mind, and spirit and it's 100% okay! Body Love Tribe is about uplifting women and spreading the love, because as a woman, sometimes I need that push to remind myself and miss Gil's photos are a daily reminder! I'll admit, I was really nervous and shy about doing this but Cheyenne made me feel absolutely comfortable and like a "goddess!"

Cheyenne's mission sparked when she first picked up a camera, and began shooting her family, especially her mother.  I didn't shy away from digging deeper into her mind because I had to know what made someone's mission to empower  the fairer species. As a Hispanic woman, I've grown up knowing that we can change our bodies to fit the perspective of "perfect" with a snip here and a tuck there because it's such a common thing in South America. Honestly it's such a warped way of thinking because no one should ever have to fit anyone else's version of perfect. Cheyenne understood completely because she herself is a Hispanic woman and saw the struggles that her mother had with body image. As she tells me the story of her revelation I couldn't help but notice the raw passion oozing out of her words because she truly is Body Love Tribe

bra: FreePeople, boyshort: Primark (similar), necklace: FreePeople, topper: Primark (similar)

As a member of the #BodyLoveTribe movement, I swear to encourage others to treat each other with respect and love because we are all human and yes we are all beautiful too! We only get one life and one body to live with, why not enjoy all of your curves and angles. I am confidently in a place where my image in the mirror does not define who I am as a person. I am healthy, and that's all that matters. If you've never tried a boudoir photo shoot, I would definitely recommend it, if you're in the Philadelphia area, book a session with Cheyenne Gil to bring out the goddess in you! Dear readers, have you ever tried a boudoir photoshoot? 

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