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As someone who deals with clothing on a constant basis, styling and selling, I run into a lot of trouble with garments. Life is unpredictable and you never know when snags or stains are going to happen. When you have a boutique or closet of clothes, you want to present the best version of the items, al the times. Thats exactly why I've built a kit of trusty tools to help me. To be the best stylist, store owner, laundress, fashionista, one must have be ready for anything and that's why Dryel is my best friend! 

I have a tool kit in which I handpicked items that would help me in any clothing malfunction situation. This kit includes needles and thread, napkins, baby powder, Dryel stain removing spray and my favorite, the new Dryel pen. It's the season of wearing white jeans and pretty little white dresses, and of course random sauce stains that accompany those pieces. I tend to put my white pieces far away into the depths of my closet just because I love them too much to get them stained, with the new Dryel pen my worries are squashed! I don't know about you but a lot of fashionistas don't actually wear their nicest garments outside because we live in a world where pasta sauce, mustard and wine stains exist. This little pen gives me the freedom to wear what I want without living in fear of ruining my clothing. 

It's compact which means it's perfect in your bag, or even in your pocket. The Dryel pen works on most special care fabrics, such as wools, rayon, silk, linens, cottons and chiffons. Even your delicates and hand wash only garments are covered! I recently tested it out on one of my favorite dresses from Valentino, it unfortunately had major makeup stains from when it was last worn and needed to take it to the dry cleaners. I figured what do I have to lose?  Except for a $800+ investment in a dress! If you look at the before photo, you can clearly see the stains, mostly foundation/ base layer makeup stains that can be really stubborn to remove on your own. Using the Dryel pen is like using a number 2 pencil to erase an unlikely mark, you just press it down and rub it back and forth on the stain and viola! In the after photo, the stains are completely gone and I'm glad that I can finally wear my beloved dress without shelling out for the dry cleaners. 

Before Dryel

After Dryel
This summer do yourself and your closet some good by stocking yourself with Dryel pens. Wear whites without fear! Dear readers, have you tried the Dryel pens yet? Dryel pens can be found on Amazon for purchase.  

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