Basic Instinct

I'll be the first to admit, that lately adding color into my outfits has been a bit callous. I love color, but since the winter hit, the sun has been playing hide and seek for weeks! The way the sun dances on bright colorful fabrics is such a beautiful thing to see, and these grey and cloudy days have me going stale with color. However, I'll still make sure that my blacks, whites and greys look fantastic even with a bare color palette! 

dress: C/O Live The Look, vest: Zara (similar), hat: H&M (Similar), bodysuit and tights: American Apparel (Similar), booties: Shoemint (Similar), jewelry: C/O Adorn USA, forever21, thrifted
This dress by Jessica Faulkner has become one of my favorite wardrobe staples, the shape, the color, the fabric. You might remember it from a recent post. It's an olive green color that leans more towards the grey side, looks fantastic paired with blacks of various textures. The dress is such a low cut v- neck, that when you're not as well endowed as some women, it tends to look not so great. That is why I paired my lace body suit underneath to give it more of a statement and also not to worry about anything peeking out! The best way to jazz up a neutral outfit is by adding in some color, for this look the emerald green ring and the color blocked booties help enliven this outfit.


It's been back to basics, with colors for me recently. It's good to stick to basic colors and experiment with them because those colors and pieces tend to be the timeless wardrobe staples that you pull out of your closet time after time! Dear readers, what are your back to basic pieces/ colors? How do you define your timeless must haves?


  1. Your style is awesome love that dress. I know exactly what you mean by dressing for the weather I do that without even thinking.
    Style With Friends

  2. Do you have any pieces related to the clotheslines? We're taking submissions for artwork for our next exhibit at Painted Bride Art Center in Old City:

  3. Thank you!!! The weather just keeps getting brutal each week, and life must go on! #comfortoverfashion

  4. Hey, do you mean fashion illustrations based on this look in particular? I would love to submit some of my work! Thanks for the link!

  5. Just anything related to the clothesline. You're welcome!


Thanks for the sweet whispers! XO