Tastemakers, Katy Perry

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

On a daily basis, I'm constantly being told that I'm too bold or too "out there!" My outfits are too weird, my color palettes are to loud, the way I speak is so different, my look is far from normal... These are all statements I've received in the past about myself and as a young adolescent it's easy to get lost in comments others make about yourself, and cloud your judgement. Fortunately, for me, I had a great group of support that led to me to be okay with being a bit outside of the box!  But for those who don't have that support, I say just continue being yourself because you never know what new trend you may set! I give a lot of credit to miss Katy Perry for her eccentric style and personality. Blue chignons, tulle skirts, oversized accessories, and saturated colors, she's a woman after my own heart! 

Katy Perry's style is unlike many. She's not afraid to be outlandish, something I take a lot of pride in because what's the fun in being timid?! I know, you're probably thinking she has a stylist that picks out her outfits, she still has to be approve the looks and go along with it, which gives us an insight to her personal style. On many occasions, Katy can be seen wearing some sort of bold statement color, either in her outfit or hair and even tastefully showing off some skin. Katy has also been noted as stating,"I love a good sense of humor in clothes!" With that kind of attitude, how can you not love her style?!

This fearless fashionista has a major sense of style and is a great role model. I've never really listened to a lot of her music until recently, her album Prism alludes to many self empowerment references, which is really needed in the music world nowadays. There are plenty of young and easily influenced minds and to have positive messages reflected in pop music  really makes a difference. Thanks to my dear friend, Chaucee, I can be caught singing along to "Dark Horse" about ten times a day! Her music is truly addicting as is her fashion sense. Katy Perry is bold and knows exactly how to catch your attention with her tastefully sexy style. Dear readers, are you as obsessed with her fashion sense as I am?!


  1. I love seeing what she's wearing. My ultimate fantasy job would be to pair up with a musician like this and design all their crazy stage costumes!

  2. From the very first sentence, I loved this post!! We definitely more "everyday" people giving out this message of being yourself and being proud :)

  3. That would be the most fulfilling job ever! #awesome!

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I agree, more people need to know to just be themselves.


Thanks for the sweet whispers! XO