Winter Essentials

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti
It's totally safe to say that winter has made his comeback! The polar vortex that has recently struck our nation has left us all yearning for that first day of Spring weather, but until then we have to make sure we have the right pieces to keep us warm in this frigid weather! As much as I dislike the Winter season, I still make sure to step out in style while staying warm!

(1) The top winter essential that I must have in my wardrobe is a great pair of fleece lined tights, aka thermal pants. Before I knew how to layer myself successfully, I would put jean on top of jean and then afterwards feel restricted in movement! I felt like the kid in A Christmas Story. Crossing my legs or kneeling over was basically impossible. I hate feeling cold and for me, when my extremities feel a chill, my whole body feels it. That's why when I tried on a pair of Nike's Hyperwarm tights, I had finally found my solution! These tights are lined with a lush fleece fabric and are perfect for jogging outdoors because it has a moisture wicking technology, making it the perfect base layer for any outfit. They are comfortable, don't restrict movement and come in many stylish prints and colors. Some of my favorites are by Patagonia, The North Face and Under Armour.

(2) This winter in Philadelphia has been a wild ride! One day it snows and the temperature barely goes above the freezing mark, then the next day it's a bright sunny day of 60 degrees. All of this weather unpredictability calls for a pair of sensible shoes that can battle all of the harsh precipitation. I'd rather wear some fun and funky heels but being safe is a lot more fashionable.  Fortunately I've found my perfect winter boots, Doc Martens! They have a fantastic traction that make walking on slippery ice, an easy feat and trudging through snow becomes less of a worry. What I love about Doc Martens is that they make a statement and contain a very chic look. They don't look like traditional wintery weather boots and because of that, they can be worn all year long. I tend to go with the leather, tall Docs (8-14 eye detail), helps protect against the elements and keeps your pants from getting soaked. Some of my favorite styles are the floral printed, cherry red, gunmetal grey and classic black.

(3) Socks can make a big difference in how warm or how cold you may feel. You may be thinking, "Can a sock really keep me warm?" Yes it can! I learned that a few months ago when I slipped on a pair of wool socks, it really turned my world upside down! I never thought a sock could be the difference between feeling comfortable. Socks are probably the last thing on your mind when getting dressed but it really is something to consider. Some of my favorites are by SmartWool, Thorlos, and Feetures.

(4) One of my absolute favorite winter accessories would have to be scarves! They come in zillions of styles and materials, can match many of your outfits, if styled accordingly and can double as a face mask to protect your skin from the blistering winds. I literally have a container filled with scarves, I love them that much! When it comes to picking out the right scarves for winter, you always want to go with wool, alpaca, angora and/or cashmere, those fabrics will ensure you stay warm. Some of my favorites are by Club Monaco, J. Crew and The North Face.

(5) A great topper is always a mainstay in our wardrobes, especially one that can battle the elements of harsh winter weather. The best winter coats can keep you dry from freezing rain and blizzards, and of course insulate your warmth. When the polar vortex came into town the only coat I reached for was my down filled coat, with the light wash of wax on the surface. It was the only way I was going to survive the blizzard. What to look for in a winter coat, down or synthetic down, rubberized inseams, silk linings, fleece linings, wax coating, and obviously a longer hem is ideal. Some of my favorites are by The North Face, Nike, and Barbour.

Hopefully my list of essentials will help you survive the winter cold and assist you in determining what to incorporate into your wardrobe. Every single one of these pieces are comfortably aiding me to warmth this season, no more worrying about how cold I feel! Dear readers, I would love to hear about your winter essentials and how you stay warm and chic!


  1. Great list! Scarves and tights are my key winter essentials. I couldn't make it through the winter without them.

  2. Yes! Major essentials, especially in this tundra!

  3. Love the wool tip! Same thing goes for hats too! Also wool sweaters can be thinner than synthetic and keep you much warmer!

  4. Good boots and a nice, wool coat are definitely on my list.

    xo Ashley

  5. I love scarves too! But I hate winter & I'm glad I get to escape it this year (so far at least!)!
    PS love the illustration :)

    Corinne xo

  6. I totally need to get some fleece tights. I've been layering Uniqlo's HeatTech leggings under everything which works pretty well, too.

  7. Thanks! That's actually a good tip!

  8. I completely loathe this weather! You're so lucky you get to escape it! Thank you chica!

  9. I don't wear anything without my fleece tights! I hate feeling the chills!

  10. Great post and thanks for the tip about the socks :) !

  11. You will feel the difference!!!


Thanks for the sweet whispers! XO