Everyday Makeup Routine

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

When it comes to routines, we tend to stick with what we know. From the choice of morning food choices to how we pick out our clothing options for the day, it's as if everything is a some how predetermined. It would be an understatement to say that I like makeup, not a makeup professional in the least but I genuinely enjoy it. One of my favorite ways to do my makeup is via the "No Makeup, Makeup" look, which is a bit of an oxymoron moron! 


Most of the products mentioned are going to be staples that use pretty frequently, and many of which I've raved about on Burgundy Whispers before. To start off, I focus on the base, a clean, dry face that’s been primed for makeup.  I use Becca's First Light Priming Filter and just apply it with my clean fingers. At this stage I also apply my foundation like It Cosmetic's CC Coverage Pressed Powder to hide any blemishes I want hidden. When I use concealer, I use it not only as a traditional concealer but also as a way to highlight certain parts of my face. 

Contouring is something I've been doing a lot of recently because I truly love the depth it provides me. I use my It cosmetics concealer under my eyes, under my cheekbones, and on the bridge of my nose, basically anywhere I want the light to hit my face.  Then I use It Cosmetic's You Sculpted palette to create my contour, I also use the contour powder in the crease of my eye lids to add a bit more drama and I do it with Ecotool's Angled brush to apply. 

I'm obsessed with the Beauty Blender sponge, I have bought multiples because it's sooooooo necessary to blend your makeup looks. I use this nifty tool to blend my contour and concealer to basically smooth out the lines and look like a normal human being!

Next step is my personal favorite, the eyebrows! I always make sure to do this step before divulging into the eyes. I feel that by doing so i'm helping to frame my face. I use a MAC angled brush and It Cosmetic's Brow Power powder to line them up and fill them in. Then I go over it with their clear brow gel to lock it in.

Highlighting is an important step to contouring, I dab my Nars Illuminator in Orgasm over all the points which I want the light to hit my face like nose bridge, eyebrow bones, irises, top of cheekbones, etc. After that I set my face with Makeup Forever's High Definition Setting Powder and It Cosmetic's kabuki brush.

And then ofcourse we can't forget the eyes, my absolute favorite liner and mascara duo by It Cosmetic's Superhero. I line my eyes with a little wing and then brush about three coats of mascara to get the definition I'm looking for. I then add a bit more drama to eye by using their Superhero eyeshadow palette for a dark brown shade to put on the crease of my eye. 

Last and final step is to line the lips and add lip color! I tend to go with nude colors for my everyday look, right now I'm in love with Kylie Cosmetic's Coconut Lipliner and Bare Velvet Lipcolor. 

There you have it, my everyday makeup routine. Remember makeup is fun but it should always be used as an extension to your own beauty which is by I tend to stick by the "no- makeup" makeup look. All in all, it gives me a little bit of glam for my everyday lifestyle! Dear readers, what does your makeup routine look like?

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