Lipgloss Poppin'

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

For the longest time, I have not been a fan of lipgloss. Something about the tacky feeling that I never got used to, growing up lipglosses all were tacky or at least the ones that my friends and I used in high school were. I'll admit I likened lipgloss to 12-16 year old girls and not for adult 20 somethings and beyond. I love my mattes, satins, velvety lipsticks and of course dashes of color too. But I have learned that lately many makers of lip glosses have been creating better options for adults that don't include glitter or "bubble gum" pink! My latest obsession is with Marc Jacob's new lip gloss, Enamored.

                                                                   C/O Marc Jacobs Beauty

Lipgloss IS versatile, as of late. The beauty industry is recognizing that women everywhere want a more age appropriate version of lip gloss because sometimes Girls Just Want To Have Fun! Lipgloss can command attention, add more pizazz to a regular lipstick and just be super sexy. The thing about glosses is that's it's distinctly feminine and sexy, which is why I decided to give it another try after soooooooooo many years.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss is a specially developed lip gloss with mineral infused ingredients like mint top plump up your lips naturally. It's packaged like a regular twist up lip stick with a snap off cap. Enamored provides you with the highest of shines to make your lips the center of attention. I wear it in the color Candy Bling which is a deep magenta. When wearing a lip gloss especially one in a vibrant color, I make sure to keep the rest of my makeup very subdued and minimal.

Let's all celebrate feminine diversity and wear lip glosses! Marc Jacobs Beauty makes it easy for the bold to the bashful makeup wearer find their gloss with Enamored. Feel pretty, feel confident, feel sexy, feel enamored! Dear readers, have you been Enamored with Marc Jacob's new gloss?

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