Read My Lips

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

As a busy bee, you can most likely find me on the move from one place to another. Because of that I don't often get the joy to discover new makeup products but when I do, I really enjoy the chance mixing up my routine. I am obsessed with makeup, mostly because it gives anyone a chance to enhance their natural beauty and also because it's fun! I tend to focus on lips when it comes to makeup looks, so when Almay reached out with their new metallic lip glosses I was already prepping my lips!

In the shade "Fairy"

Almay's latest, the goddess glosses from their cosmic collection is quite other worldly! I received four out of eight colors to play with and i'll admit the frosty like outer intimidated me. I'm very much a solid color, matte/ velvet lip color kind of gal so seeing something that looked holographic and sparkly caused me to take a step back!

Wearing shade "Rainbow"

Wearing shade "Flame"

When I tried it, with a bare lip, I felt that it looked not so great, but I very much enjoyed using it as a lipliner/ lipstick topper. The colors I received are Fairy, Flame, Rainbow and Mystic. The first thing I noticed upon application is how moisturizing it feels, and not at all sticky. No fragrance, no flavor, smooth finish and surprisingly long wear.

I would definitely recommend trying out Almay's Goddess Gloss collection especially if you're looking for a different type of lip gloss to add to your routine. These glosses are awesome toppers like i've said before, you could even try a fun ombre with it too. I'm already looking for lipsticks and liners to buy to pair with my goddess glosses! Dear readers, have you tried Almay's Goddess Gloss yet?

***Also wanted to update you all, I've been sooooo busy lately, as is probably apparent by my lack of posting. I've been moving, adjusting to a new and awesome job, working on side hustles and just enjoying life. But I'm definitely getting back on schedule with Burgundy Whispers!

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