Beauty Bit, Bold Weekend Look

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

When it comes to doing your makeup, Monday through Friday is pretty bare and minimal. Going to work means looking like a "normal" human being that can function in the world. If you were to discover a new beauty trend throughout the week that would mean holding off on it until the weekend. For example when Fenty Beauty dropped (Tuesday), unicorn eyebrows, contouring, glitter eyeliner, moody lips, as lovely as all of these trends are, all are unfortunately inappropriate for the office. As soon as 5pm on Friday hits, it's game on with my makeup. All rules are broken and no beauty trend is off limits! I've been using a lot of It Cosmetics products, so naturally I like to play around with my looks utilizing their products.

For my weekend beauty routine I like to go all out and have fun, by turning up the notch. I tend to keep my makeup throughout the week minimal with browns and blacks, so when I get my chance to shine I definitely take advantage of it. After all, nude lips can get boring! Lately, I'm quite obsessed with contouring and bold eyeshadows, my go to!

After cleansing and buffing my face off, you have to make sure your skin care is on point, I start off with It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Primer. It's the base that holds my look together and keep my skin looking dewy and matte.  After that sets in, I apply my foundation with the help of my Ecotools brush. It Cosmetics' Bye Bye Lines in Tan is one of my favorites because it provides me with light, even coverage. I can't stand foundations that make me feel and look cakey! I've also switched from using my fingers to using makeup brushes to apply my makeup to prevent putting germs and excess oils on my face.

Eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows! My look is never complete without my handy dandy eyebrow powder from It Cosmetics called Brow Power! As you can see in the video, I use this product so much, that I need a replacement soon! As i've said before, the brows are the face framers and the base of my eye makeup. The Superhero liner is a mighty fine tip pen that glides easily over my lids. Makes creating a cat eye very facil. And for this look I like to exaggerate the line!

When it comes to applying eyeshadow for me, it's either go bold or go home! I like to brush two colors over the base and crease and then wing it out for a dramatic look. For this look I used Nyx's Night On The Town, which is a huge palette that contains over 100 colors, eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters, and contours. I love it! I love the highlighters in this kit, there's a pearlescent white that gives my skin an ethereal look. Lately, rather than using blush or bronzer I take a contour color instead, it just feels right! I apply the contour on cheeks, side of my nose, and forehead.

And now the best and last part of this look are the lips. I always line the lips especially when using a bold matte color. I tend to use liners close in color to the lipstick so that it helps enhance it. For this look I used Colourpop's Lippie Pencil and matte lip color in Kapow. Its like a taupe- purply grey color that helps to offset a warm look.  

After all of that is set and blended, I move on to my hair, dun dunnn dunnnhhh! Good thing with curly hair is that a little bit of water and conditioner can stretch out 4 day old plaited hair with a little bit of frizz. And there you have it, my bold and loud weekend party look. When I get bored of my muted makeup looks I reach for my colorfully bold makeup. This season I'm challenging myself to more interesting and vibrant makeup looks! Dear readers, how do you wear bold makeup?

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