New Way To Diet

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Have you recently had that moment of realization that when it hits you, you probably can’t carry on with your current eating habits, at least not if you want to achieve your fitness goals? If so, it’s time to start assessing the sustainability of your current diet and how it can be made to work for you and your body in the long-term. It’s about making sure you don’t put your health at risk for short-term convenience and those hard to break habits. Since we're coming up on the end of one year, it's time to reconsider old habits and create new ones for the new year. After all, what would NYE resolutions be without health implications?!

The first step to a healthier year and of course a healthier you is by not relying on quick unhealthy fixes. Convenience is a wonderful thing, especially in this day and age. We can have our groceries delivered to us from our phones and we can have our Amazon orders delivered to us on the same day but when it comes to food, the long-term impact of too much convenience can be downright disastrous for your health. You need to stop relying on the quick and unhealthy fixes we all find so convenient. If you want to have a sustainable and healthy diet, not to mention a healthy body, for years to come, embrace the time you spend cooking and eating. Your body is a temple, treat it like one!

Diets can be really good for you, but fad diets aren’t. Juicing is delicious and can be beneficial but it also has a lot of bad consequences. That's just one out of many diets out there! Which is why it’s worth taking the time to find and research the diet plan that’s going to work out best for you. Your ideal plan might mean that you swap a meal for a diet shake each day. Or it might be something else completely; the point is to find the diet that you can stick to rather than rebounding between different ones all the time.

Another aspect of sustainability is cost. You definitely do not need to spend more on food by buying top brands, that's just buying the name. You won’t be able to achieve a sustainable diet if you’re spending too much on it; sooner or later all that expenditure is going to come back to bite you! Rather than spending so much of your monthly budget on branded products that are no better to the kind of products that you can buy much cheaper from other places. Always read the ingredients list to get the best bang for your buck!

Portion control can be one of the hardest things of all to get right. It’s about developing and adopting the right kinds of habits that you can make work while not piling your plate with more than the healthy amount of food. Once you get these habits right, you’ll be on the right track to success.

Processed foods are the most damaging foods of all, consume too many of them and you will welcome a world of health issues. They’re simply not natural and they’re not good for your body. If you want to eat sustainably, it should be your aim to eventually banish these kinds of foods from your diet completely. It might take some time but it’s a goal worth working towards.

Making your diet more sustainable and healthy for you in the long-term than it is right now! Might not be easy, but it certainly can be done if you make the right changes and stick to them studiously. Makethis new year a healthy and enjoyable year for yourself, the key to a great diet is just making smarter choices and that's it! Dear readers, how do you diet?

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