Top Shopping Destinations

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Do you ever get bored of shopping at your local main street? I certainly do, especially when you want something completely different than what the locals can offer. Whilst online shopping has opened up new opportunities, most shopaholics still like the adventure of walking into a retail store and touching the garments and trying on the pieces before you buy them of course. I myself, love strolling through the store and appreciate customer service. I read an article recently stating that brick and mortar retail stores may soon be a thing of the past because of how technology is advancing, for example the Amazon stores where you walk right in and grab exactly what you need without talking to a sales representative. Taking a vacation to go shopping can be one way of getting the fix. Whether you’re looking to splash the cash or simply enjoy the thrill of window shopping, here are a few top shopping destinations to check out as rated by Lonely Planet!

The Japanese capital is ideal for experiencing shopping in a whole new perspective. The department stores of the Shinjuku neighborhood offer great value shopping on everything you could imagine served by staff that treat you like royalty. Tokyo is easy to get around offering free buses and an impressively efficient train service (if ever trains run late, a ticket inspector will come through the carriages and give people their money back!). Most Japanese stores still prefer to operate with cash. You’ll need to bring a visa (plus downloading a translator app can be useful as not everyone will speak English).

Amongst Dubai’s many record-breaking displays of construction is the Dubai Mall - the biggest in the world! On top of all the shops, the mall also contains theme parks, fountains, a waterfall, an aquarium and an Olympic-sized ice rink. Who needs amusement parks when you have this mall?! In fact, there are malls within the mall – themed around countries and containing shops from those countries within. There are even traditional souk markets within the mall. Dubai’s only downside is that it isn’t cheap, 'lifestyle of the rich and the famous' I guess!

When it comes to clothes shopping, Milan is the fashion capital of the world. The likes of Prada, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana all originate in Milan and the city’s fashion week is renowned throughout the world. It’s unlikely you’ll want to flash the plastic too often as Milan’s stores really are made for the riches. However, for experiencing the glitz and glam, nothing beats it.

New York
The Big Apple is known for being one of the most expensive cities in the world, but this isn’t wholly true. Getting there indeed costs a bit of money – flights there are rarely cheap and you’ll need to visit the official ESTA application website and purchase yourself a visa first if you’re traveling from overseas. Accommodation meanwhile can be even more expensive.  However, when it comes to shopping – top end design shops aside – there are actually plenty of places to snatch up a deal. From flea markets to vintage stores to quirky independent shops, New York can be a great place to shop for those unusual finds. Also, NYC is the melting pot of style!

With how fast the world is rapidly changing, it's tough to say goodbye to an old past time like shopping at brick and mortar stores. I love convenience but I also love personalization. Dear readers, where's your favorite shopping destination?

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