Beauty Bit, Rinse Out

Illustrated By Jacqueline Davis Moranti

It's no secret I love the summer time, it's the only time of the year in which going swimming is totally normal and acceptable. Swimming is one of my favorite exercises to do throughout this season, I'm no Michael Phelps but I can do a mean breaststroke. The best part about swimming is the fact that it doesn't cause soreness or major break breakdowns of muscles tendons. But alas, you must take the good with the bad and what I mean by that is the chlorine from pool water and the saltiness of the ocean in my hair! 

                                                                                 C/O Essential Rinse

I love my big and usually frizzy corkscrew curly hair, managing it has been quite a journey. Ladies with natural hair learn to manage their hair to a T because if you skip one part of the regimen then your hair takes a mind of it's own! I know this from experience which is why I take it seriously. Of course when it comes to vacation hair, it's a beast of it's own, especially when a large body of water is involved.  Buildup is not your best friend and neither is shampooing too often so what is girl to do? I've recently tried out a product called Essential Rinse that changed the game for me! If you've ever tried apple cider vinegar Essential Rinse is the same way but better. Every time I've used ACV to rinse out my hair I get this terrible itch on my scalp. So of course I was hesitant to try out ER especially since mint was involved. 

Essential Rinse was created by salon owner Younghee Kim in search for something to purify and revitalize the scalp and hair, this product acts as a toner to remove yucky buildup. ER also helps to leave the hair soft and shiny and of course manageable. This miracle product does all that without stripping your hair of it's natural oils, which apple cider vinegar does do to your hair. As soon as I tried it with my hair I knew it was meant for me. I'm sure you can tell when you feel the buildup on your scalp, as soon as I used ER in my hair I could feel the difference and no itchiness or burning feeling! As a natural haired lady, I have to wash my hair with conditioner more often than with shampoo, this product helps me extend the life of my hair in between those wash days without having to use too much product. 

This summer jump in the pool or the ocean without too much hesitation! My vacation hair thanks me for Essential Rinse and it feels happier! 

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