Dry Clean Only

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

I love the feel of luxurious fabrics against my skin. Silks, velvets, satins, wools and some delicate cottons are meant to be cared for by hand, otherwise meaning dry clean only. You ever go shopping and find a piece that you love, just to check out the fabric tag and read "dry clean only" and resort to putting it back on the rack because having to go to the dry cleaners is quite inconvenient. Yes, I've had those moments and i've also worn fabulous silk pieces that got accidental wine spills or oil splatters. I could totally do without those moments! Fortunately,  i've found an alternative to going to the dry cleaners, Dryel!

C/O Dryel(not Pictured here)

Dryel is an at- home dry cleaner that utilizes the power of your dryer to clean and deodorize your clothing like the pros! Dryel is safe to use for most fabrics, even the super delicates. The best part is that it doesn't take too long for Dryel to do it's magic, in less than an hour you can have your suits and blouses cleaned like new!

I have a lot of silk pieces, from blouses to dresses and pants to jumpsuits. I love those pieces so much that I hardly ever wear them to preserve their longevity and cleanliness. When anything damaging happens to silk, it's quite difficult to salvage, I know from experience. I tested out my Dryel starter kit which includes a spray, wipes and garment bag. I took my beloved Equipment blouse and put it to the test by first spraying the collar for the stubborn makeup stains and an oil spill blot near the hem. After I sprayed the affected areas, I used the wipe on the same areas for higher effectiveness, I figured if I'm already ruining the shirt then I should just go all the way with this experiment! Then I tossed the shirt into the protective garment bag along with some hope and dreams for this blouse to look ok after the thirty minute dryer session. To my surprise and major satisfaction, I found that Dryel actually worked, the makeup stains were lifted and the oil blot was gone. Dryel didn't leave any signs of residue behind either, except for a nice clean scent. After that initial test I tried it again with other pieces in my wardrobe of tother fabrics and so far I haven't found one item that Dryel couldn't clean! 

If you're looking to cut costs, one of the best ways to do so is by saving on going to the dry cleaners. The Dryel starter kit is fast and effective, and most importantly gets the job done. Lately, I try to be more self resourceful and this method helps me accomplish that while looking good too! Dear readers, have you tried Dryel yet?

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