Coco- Loco

Illustrations by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

It's pretty wild to think that just a few years ago the term "eco" for beauty products was considered just a fad. Now, I can't think of one friend that isn't on the natural bandwagon! Green and eco conscious beauty is having a major moment, because no one wants to apply toxins to their bodies. Everyone is smartening up to the natural brands because by supporting them, they're also supporting the environment. What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by using those goods that provide radiant results without harming the environment or your health. I've switched up my beauty routine to include Promise Organics to give me Earth Day ready results!

Promise Organic is dermatologist tested and delivers hydration and nourishment for all skin types. Promise Organics started out as a way to fill the void in the natural beauty world because there just wasn't much out there. In a world where many are beauty obsessed, it's pretty insane to think that so many of the products we use aren't exactly good for us or the environment. Lately, I've been trying to do good with Mother Nature via recycling and I would love to do more, Promise Organics helps support that for me. Each ingredient in the PO product line is specifically chosen for optimal results with care for one's health in short and long term use.

Promise Organic carries two collections with 14 products in each to match skin types, Argan Creme and Coconut Milk. I've been obsessed with the coconut line, one it smells good, and two coconut has always been great to my skin and hair. Promise Organic did not let me down! I've been using the face wipes, face cleanser, moisturizer, body lotion, hair & skin oil, scrub, spf cream and hand lotion on a daily basis, and absolutely loving the results. The face wipes come in handy after a gym workout and it completely removes my sweat without stripping me of moisture. It also leaves me with a fresh coconut-ty scent! My skin feels hydrated and looks good without doing too much, my "me" days or self love days, which are my excuse to do what I need to do for beauty rejuvenation, are cut shorter. The best part about Promise Organic is that all of the products are less than a $20 dollar bill and can be found at your local CVS pharmacy locations, no need to drive to a specialty store or break your budget! 

C/O Promise Organic, opinions my own

This earth day, spend some time doing something good for your environment and when you're done with that spend some time treating yourself to Promise Organic. Dear readers, have you tried Promise Organic? What natural products will you be using for Earth Day?

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