The Cultural Ear

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

How often can you listen to Hoobastank on repeat? If you're answer is no more than once, then I totally agree with you (no offense to hardcore fans!). Sometimes listening to the same albums and songs on repeat can get a bit tiresome and when you work a 9 to 5 it gets really boring listening to the same stuff. I can only take listening to Zayn croon about his relationship status for a little bit! On any given day I spend about 5 hours using my one of my phone's best features, the Podcast app. Even better is that for iPhone users it comes built into the phone, making it easier for you to quench that curiosity! My work day, running, weight lifting and traveling experiences have changed forever because of this app, it's like a spoken word section just sitting there and waiting for your curiosity to pick it up.  I listen to so many podcasts and many times it depends on my mood, like if I want learn something educational I'll listen to Hidden Brain or TED Talks Radiohour, if I want to listen to something political I'll listen to Slate's Political Gabfest or Democracy Now, if I want to listen to pure gossip I'll listen to The Read or Lady Problems. But there's one podcast that truly gets me every time, I wait on hinges every Friday afternoon for a new episode of Latino USA.

I've always been a curious kid, always wanting to know more about people and all the different cultures of the world, I like to assert that to why I like traveling so much! For me, especially growing up was always weird because as a Dominican, the Dominican community is specifically weird about talking about it's ancestry, lots of my questions went unanswered as a child. It wasn't until I was older and more free thinking to understand what being a Latina meant, and more importantly a dark skinned, kinky haired Latina. The podcast Latino USA is inclusive to all Latinos across the board and highlights topics that affect everyone but more specifically Latinos.

I like to be in the know, I also like to be enlightened, Latino USA is the perfect mix of culture, news and current events. Hosted by Maria Hinojosa, who provides all the facts and info to keep you informed. In the current state of events/ politics, it almost feels like there's a strong sense of anti difference, anti culture, this show squashes those thoughts by uniting everyone and reminding us to create our own sense of identity and sense of community.

When it comes to podcasts, Latino USA is above the rest for me. As much as I want to believe that I know so much about my culture and the latino community, I have to humble myself when I'm listening to this pod! I'm always learning something new from Latino USA! Dear readers, have you listened to Latino USA?
*Not sponsored by Latino USA or NPR, just a genuine fan. Opinions are my own.

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