Pink Panther

Photos by Derrick Hogue

Life can get so hectic and so busy, it can feel like you're moving at lightening speed while everyone and everything is running much slower. I like to define myself as a workaholic, I'm constantly working on multiple projects at once, running from one place to another, squeezing in appointments. I used to think that not being busy was the worst, at the time it felt like I wasn't doing enough with my life. Having a day planner filled to the brim with appointments and deadlines was my dream.... and now that it's a reality, I feel like I should've taken advantage of the free time I had. Believe me, when those days and time frames come by now, I make sure to really enjoy it. And wearing pink feathers is certainly a way to do so! 

jacket: Nordstrom, sweater: Rag & Bone, jeans: Helmut Lang, heels: Amiclubwear(similar), necklace: Kenneth Lane
I live in my timeless pieces, most of which consist of black and white pieces. Neutral basics keep me grounded for the fun pops of colors and funky textures. It also happens that pink is my favorite color! This jacket and pair of heels were exactly the items to help remind me to stop and smell the roses!

I should also mention one of my biggest time sucks as of late, Poshmark! I've mentioned Poshmark before, back in 2013 when they had a launch tour across the nation and one of their stops was Philadelphia. I've recently reignited my love by utilizing the app to it's fullest potential. I've opened up my closet again and listed some dearly beloved and forgotten items in the hopes that they will find better homes! This beautiful pink feather jacket is listed in my closet and so are these Helmut Lang Jeans

Photos by Derrick Hogue

This year, I'm making it more of an effort to get rid of the clutter, Poshmark is making it easier for me, and profitable at the same time. Listing on Poshmark also helped me realize just how much stuff I had, from vintage pieces to forgotten contemporary items and so many "new with tags"and pretty soon i'll be adding some unique Burgundy Whispers originals. While life can certainly seem busy at times, having fun with fashion is something that I always have time for! Dear readers, how do you enjoy the time you have for yourself? 

***Check out my Poshmark closet for some fabulous fashion finds and one of a kinds for your wardrobe!

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