A Gentlewoman's Guide

When it comes to getting dressed and ready for special occasions one has to approach it as a "pregame!" Everyone has their own version of a morning routine, several cups of coffee, applications of concealer and mascara, selfie stick photos and some instagram stalking, no ones judging! After all, prepping yourself for the day at hand can come quite instinctively since it's like getting ready for a battle, one that includes meetings, rush hour, work, adulting. The best prepping is done after dark, when getting ready ahead of a night out, especially for Valentines Day. Vday, whether it is spent with that special someone or with your gal pals or even by yourself deserves a special prepping treatment, for an evening like none other, an evening of freedom and not a battle! 

The best way to get started is by playing some tunes to get ready to, lately for me that happens to be anything with Bomba Estereo or Abra. Listening to music is my way to relax and get myself pumped for the festivities! Honestly, I try not to spend too much time getting ready because most of the times, it's a mad dash after work for me and this year's Valentines Day is no different. 

With skin prep, I focus on the entire body, it's important to get all the exposed parts of the body looking great as well. I've been obsessed with Sol De Janeiro's Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, a thick, rich body cream that smells heaven scent! This lotion also works well for your.... well, bum bum! It's also so thick that you really don't need to use too much to rub on. For my face I use It Cosmetics' Confidence In A Cream to moisturize and also keep my skin hydrated. Then I pair it with Becca Cosmetics' First Light Priming Filter as my primer. 

My hair is naturally voluminous, and I like to keep it that way! I just add a touch of oil or something moisturizing to keep my strands looking healthy and tame. As of recently, I've been prone to use Cantu's Leave In Conditioner to keep my fro looking great!

It Cosmetics recently debuted their first Serum Compact Foundation Formula, which I love and swear by! It's the only piece of makeup one would ever need, it includes spf, it includes vital minerals snd vitamins to keep skin looking amazing even after it's washed off, and the best part is that it's not messy. After that application, highlighting is the way to go. I like to "strobe" my face to give it that natural boosted glow, something about shimmer that makes me go gaga! Becca Cosmetics' Soft Light Blurring Powder is the perfect touch since it eliminates the bad shine and sets your makeup. This powder also gives your face that airbrushed yet natural finish! I never leave the house without mascara and lipstick, and for Valentines day I definitely want those to be the focus! I love It Cosmetic's Superwoman mascara and Tom Ford's berry contour lipstick

Getting dressed is a whole other story! Depending on the specific's like will it be a date with your significant other, is it going to be a "Gal-entines?" or will it be a me-day? All of those situations present different outfit scenarios, all of which I've summed up to sexy, couture, and comfortable.

When Going on a date with your significant other, I like to keep the outfit subtly sexy. For instance I paired a long black Marchesa Gown with a oversized blazer as a way to induce wonderment.  I love black dresses especially the ones that can add a different texture or fun feature to make it interesting. Simple and subtle!

When I'm hanging out with the girls, fashion rules over everything! You can be as abstract as you want because women will understand it more than the opposite gender! In this ensemble I took an asymmetrical Helmut Lang dress and paired it with a voluminous feathered pink jacket and heels! 

When I'm hanging out with myself (on purpose!), it's all about treating yourself to comfort. So if I'm heading out to the movies, the spa or even the supermarket I want to be sure that i'm comfortable. Comfortable is key and sneakers and mules are the answer! Throw on a bomber jacket, bonus points for one with fun embroidered designs or patches to add some fun to your look! Simple, feminine jewelry works well with this look too. Lately, I'm loving Aurate New York's gold collection!

This year, I'm going to try to take my time and not rush through the pregame. It's a ritual that all women go through, even when they don't realize it! Have fun and feel great, and ofcourse have a great Valentines day whether it's with your girls, your SO or even with yourself! Dear readers, how do you get ready?

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