Beauty Bit, Night Shift

Illustrated By Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Every winter, without skipping a beat, my skin loses all traces of moisture and hydration. The chilly winter air is harsh and drying on my complexion, with the results of this being tight skin, itching, and dry, flaky patches that are anything but glamorous! As soon as my skin starts to react to the cold weather, I switch up my routine to put the focus on infusing my skin with ultimate moisture and soothing my skin. The most important time of the day for your beauty revival is at night, that's when I make sure to do the most for my routine because when we sleep it allows the vitamins, minerals and all the good stuff to do it's job. Here's a look at what's currently in my arsenal to battle old man Winter this season....

Photo by Kevin Smith

When it comes to keeping my skin healthy and hydrated, lately I've been reaching for It Cosmetic's Confidence In a Cream. After washing my face and getting my self ready for bedtime, I put on a slight amount of CIAC on my face and neck and always rubbing upwards. It's such a thick and creamy formula that you only need a small amount to cover your skin. This moisturizer contains hylauronic acid, peptides and collagen, ingredients known to help hydrate dry, and irritated skin. It's so rich that I only use it as a night time treatment, I feel that it would collide with my daytime makeup. 

The next step to my night time routine is by aid of serums, and not just any serums, vegaLASH! vegaLASH is an all natural formula that enhances ones lashes after continued use, I have also been using vegaBROW too. I've been using it for about month now, it might just be the placebo affect working on me, but I definitely have been seeing some positive results. My eyebrows look much fuller and occasionally I'm tempted to go out without my eyebrow pomade! Our eyelashes and eyebrows get overlooked and often forgotten when it comes to actually caring for them. Using these serums help them grow and look more luscious!

All in all, having a night time beauty routine is so important. An overnight beauty treatment gives our skin that much needed time to absorb vitamins to the fullest. The dry winter air can be quite cruel, but i'm not letting it get to me! My face feels nourished and my complexion is glowing, It's crazy to think that one small change in your routine can have such a great result! Dear readers, how do you deal with your winter skin? 

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