For The Love of Shoes

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Every year, thousands of women everywhere, on this specific date dress up in the most seemingly obnoxious or very simplistic ensembles, never in between. Valentines day is just around the corner and many of you probably have already picked out your outfits for that day, figuring out what dress to wear is easy because it's most likely the first piece of item thought of for that event. I, myself have no problem trying to figure out what dress or flirty skirt I'm going to wear, but I challenged my self to think differently this time. It comes to no surprise that i'm obsessed with shoes, I want to make my footwear be the center of attention this year. I'm experimenting with nudes! 

C/O from left to right: AMIClubwear, Shoedazzle, Shoemint

Nude and blush toned shoes are the IT items of the season as anticipated for this fashion season's many runway shows. The power of these colors have a way of elongating ones legs and making them look long and lean. I know, you're probably thinking, how can such a neutral be a standout?! Simple, it's all in the details! Check out a few of my favorites below

Pom Pom Heels

Lace Up Heels

Rose Gold Heels

Colorblocked Heels

In summation, you should have fun with your style and think outside of the box. Never stick to what you're comfortable with because you'll never get to enjoy the challenges of the new and uncharted territory and for me that was always nude shoes that weren't basic pumps. This Valentine's day try something new with your footwear! Dear readers, how will you challenge your footwear choice?

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