Shades of Grey

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti
Everyone knows just how essential the black jeans are, and it doesn't even matter what style. Your black jeans can be skinny fit, flare legged, high waisted, wide leg and all are still quite important to building a well rounded wardrobe. Black jeans go with everything but sometimes you want to break free from that tradition and experiment with something a bit more interesting and perhaps a little bit challenging! I'm talking about grey jeans, or the super faded black jeans. Grey jeans have that lived in flair, from the lightest shade of grey to almost charcoal. It's a neutral, just like your black pairs but it adds more interest than by creating a mostly monochrome (similar color blocking) look. Honestly once you learn what works with grey jeans and mix and match several outfits, you will get the hang of it and add it to constant rotation! 

Grey jeans are versatile, and with so many styles to choose from the options are endless! Dressed up, dressed down, I never get bored and ever since i've added this shade to my wardrobe routine i'm inspired to try more complicated looks. My favorite styles in grey are high waisted, cropped bootcut, skinny, and flared and the best part is that there is quite a privy of options of greys to choose from.


Skinny jeans are a no brainer, perfect for any situation. Skinnies are my everyday wear and since i'm petite, they're the perfect choice for me without any hemming needed!

High Waisted

If I could live in high waisted jeans, all the time, I definitely would! High waisted jeans are comfortable and always stay put, with low rise jeans one has to worry about the hem of the top and whether or not it will cover any skin while you sit. IT also helps petite women look much more taller! A recent pair that i've worn is by STS Blue, the waist hit just at my navel and fit like a glove.

Cropped Bootcut

Cropped jeans are awesome because for a petite woman, like myself, it fits like a full length jean. Most of the time I'll get my cropped jeans hemmed though so that I can get the full affect of the style. The cropped bootcut jean gives it a little flair, it's quite an unexpected style and looks great when adding volume to any look. 


Oh flared jeans, how I love you so! My favorite style in any color, but especially grey! I was literally born in bell bottoms, ok not really but growing up it's what my mother dressed me in everyday as a young lass. I still love them now too because in a way it's like playing with shapes. I also find it to be a fun and flirty style!

As you can see, grey jeans can be an essential to any wardrobe. Dressed up or dressed down, you will more than likely increase the amount of outfits you have by 10x just by owning a pair. As a minimalist, I find this denim color in heavy rotation and have redefined my uniform. Dear readers, do you wear grey jeans?

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