Confidence With Fashion Through Fitness

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti
If you were to ask any woman you know about their bodies, clothing and confidence, what do you think that they would tell you? When you're struggling with confidence issues yourself, you can often assume that every woman in the world is happy, perfect and exuding confidence. In reality, most people will feel exactly the way you feel. "Perfect" will mean something different to us all, meaning that our confidence is vulnerable and happiness is the furthest thing from our minds. Whether you have set some NewYear's resolutions or not, you can work on achieving a better level of confidence and still be yourself.

Write Down Your Worries
When you're looking at improving anything in life, you need a suitable starting point. Improving your confidence can be easy, but to fulfill it, you have to ensure that you know where you are right now. From that point you can establish where you want to be. Go ahead, grab a pen and notebook to write down how you can improve your body. If you're going to love yourself, you need to be honest with yourself to improve and move ahead. 

Have a Goal In Mind
Now that you know what you are not happy with and what you do appreciate, you can work on framing that goal. Keep in mind that you want to this to be a positive transformation, not a harmful one. The key is to work on a change in the way you feel overall, and not just aesthetics.  Ask yourself this, do you want to feel confident when you undress, or do you want to go out in bodycon dresses and figure hugging clothes? These are the goals that we should all take into account.

Be Proactive 
If you're unhappy with your current levels of fitness, or even the way you look overall, nothing will actually change unless you force it to. You can improve your outlook, but you have to be proactive about doing it. Get yourself to the gym, spend more time taking baths, work on nourishing your body and giving it the fuel it needs rather than abusing it by binge eating. These proactive steps will go a long way in getting you to where you want to be. 

Make The Change
If you've been implementing the past steps into your lifestyle, you're probably aware that you need to make a change. Issues with confidence can often be related to a lack of effort, you need to take your life and your happiness into your own hands and make the transitions you need to do just that. Get a membership to your local bike share program or get a bike with bicycle insurance and get into nature. Start running, eat your vegetables, do what you need to do to see the improvements in your mood, outlook and overall body. 

Think Positively 
And finally, if you're not used to being kind to yourself, it's definitely time to change that. Confidence issues can come down to body image, so it's time to start seeing yourself in a whole new light. Your outlook on fitness and efforts in the area will help with that, but you can also work on having a positive nature to make it easier. The more confidence you gain, the less room you have for negativity. Dear readers, how do you make the changes that you want to see in your life?

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