How I Cat Eye

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

As a makeup junkie, I love to try everything! From bright and vibrant hues to the subtle touches of animated colors and textures. I am no makeup artist, but I do try to conquer certain tricky and fickle makeup trends. The one that I have trouble with the most is certainly not new to the scene but it is definitely a pain to pull off, the enviable cat eye. Like many women, I love a good cat eye it's a classic with major impact. I've spent hours and hours working on this trend, and I'm proud to say that not only have I mastered it, I've found my own style with it! 

I will admit it's not the easiest trick to master but the right tools and precision can make a world of a difference. I have gone through many kohl liners and markers, I have a few trusty favorites and lately I've been all about Lancome's Drama Liqui- Pencils, unlike regular kohl liners this one goes on much smoother and can be smudged for a cool smokey eye. These pencils are also great layered for a really thick, dramatic line. 

First Step: 
I start in the middle of my eye and then outward and up at an angle with a black pencil. Ofcourse, with your eyelids closed for a smooth application!

Second Step:
I smooth out the flick if it looks a bit uneven or make it longer for more drama.

Third Step: 
Repeat on the other eye!
Fourth Step:
With Lancome's Liqui-Pencils, I got experimental and lined my waterline with the purple color, as shown in the video.
Fifth Step:
I shaded my eyes with neutral browns to keep the focus on the liner, I used It Cosmetic's Superhero Palette and then finished off with Lancome's Definicils mascara and Nyx's brown matte lip color.

It has taken me many tries and many makeup wipes to get it right! Even when you get to a point of perfection, your next application can turn out wonky. I've accepted it, it's the nature of this makeup look but never give up! But once you've mastered this look, you can wear it to a date, to work, to brunch, literally everywhere. It's a signature look that can transform everyone's face and makeup looks. Dear readers, how do you cat eye?

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