Metropolitan City Winter

Winters can be harsh, especially in the North Eastern cities of the USA. Some days can feel mild and humid with a slight chill then the next day the temperatures can drop 20 degrees with a 30 mph wind! Weather around here has become quite unpredictable, sure you can imagine what it will be like according to the current season, but lately that tip isn't really imperative. Here, in Philadelphia, you live and die by your outerwear. I have flirted with frostbite many times, and I can tell you it's not fun. Nor is sweating in your cashmere finest, during your 10am conference call! I have learned throughout my many Philadelphian winters, the key to defeating old man Winter is dressing in layers. Cold weather chic is possible. 

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

My winter wardrobe consists of many jackets and coats to keep me warm, with my heaviest coats in full rotation. I don't play around with winter especially when the temps dip to 32 degrees and lower, it's just brutal

Puffer coats with goose down are a great option for those days that you really don't want to carry any extras accessories like scarves and hats. Puffer coats tend to bear tough weather elements which is why you see many winter olympians wearing them. Water proof, wind proof and chic proof, it's the jacket I tend to wear when the temperatures reach midnight freezing level, at 1 in the afternoon! Puffer coats have an athletic look and for me, as of lately, they have been my go to since I tend to wear my sporty frocks a lot this season. I live in my Nike Tech Aeroloft Parka!

Wool coats, a staple in many fashionistas closets. The style can range from trendy to timeless but the one similarity between them will be the warmth it provides. Heavy, structured, masculine at times yet appealing, this outerwear option is a must for dressing up to any of your winter festivities! I live in my cocoon coat by Jcrew

Faux fur it up (or real fur if you prefer) for those days when you really need to let your inner style maven out! Wearing a fur coat can make the blandest of outfits shine bright like a diamond. Something about a fur coat that brings out the animal within us during the winter season! I live in my Club Monaco faux fur for my chilly extravaganzas(similar)!

Have you ever considered taking your coziest blanket to work with you? If so, try a sweater coat instead, and relive those lush dreams with your favorite blanket, on your way to Starbucks! I live in my BB Dakota blanket coat(similar)!

Remember, the best way to avoid overheating in your outerwear is by wearing appropriate base layers. My tried and true favorites are Nike's Hyperwarm collection(top, bottom) and by Smartwool(bottom, gloves, socks). Or you could go old school and wear silk long johns like our grandparents did back in the day. Pile on the layers but avoid looking bulky with one of the aforementioned coats. Dear readers, I'd love to hear what you wear to survive winter in your neck of the woods!

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