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Ever wonder if you could find a drink that was also good for you? Something that has organic ingredients and nourishment for your body? I recently had the opportunity to try a class at a Lithe Method studio. On this particular day, Art In The Age teamed up with the studio to introduce members on how to make healthy decisions without forfeiting any fun. 

If you've never tried Lithe Method, its a fun fast paced cardio- cheer- sculpting exercise. A lot of fast movement and jumping accompanied with a power band system so that you're burning and toning more muscle in a short amount of time to achieve our best body yet. It was my first time trying it out, and I absolutely loved it! As a self proclaimed gym rat, I love lifting weights to sculpt my body, anything else feels foreign. Lithe Method helps take away that frustration I get when I try to build my own cardio routine by giving me cheerleading aerobic, strength training, muscle shaking inspired exercises! This class was taught by Lithe creator, Lauren Boggi, a former USC cheerleader who knows her stuff. 

If there's anyone that loves a good sweat session, it's me. Lauren informed us that this introductory class was a mix of beginner level, intermediate level and advanced to kick everyone's butt into gear! Resistance bands wrapped around our wrists, looks of excitement and fear on our faces, while Lauren smiled inadvertently to the crowd. First five minutes in, sweat rolls down my eyebrows, my coordination is out of sync and my sweaty body can't stay still on the mat. As I peak around the room to see how my colleagues are doing, they look great and I fluster with clumsiness. Gym rats don't always have it down pact. Gyrating to remixes of Beyonce, pulsing, bending, and jumping all in 45 minutes. After that, cocktails were totally welcomed! 

Lithe Method has a plethora of juices that it offer it's members, the four juices that were used in the cocktails were The Vert, Cashew Milk, Smile Sparkle Shine and the Bunny Detox. The juices were mixed up with Art In The Age's decadent liquors. The recipes that were concocted were so creative and delectable.  My favorite cocktail was the Heaven and Earthy, sweet scent, protein packed, with a bit of spice! The best part about this, is that it contains a healthy amount of fats and vitamins while providing your taste buds with an earthy and organic alcoholic liquor. 

In this day and age, I feel like there should always be an alternative option for drinks and foods because society is moving at a healthier pace. Check out Lithe Method's Skinny Heathen series for recipes on how to create hearty, fermented drinks at home! I absolutely loved the Lithe Method workout and will be back for more! Dear readers, have you too tried the Lithe Method workout? What's your favorite way to "cardio?"

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