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Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti
As you know, switching your skincare routine out of winter mode is very pertinent! For me that includes higher SPF dosages, much more natural ingredients and of course lots of hydration for a dewy glow. No one want to be stuck with too oily skin, which heavier winter products tend to be, trust me, I've done that before and it isn't a good look! Spring is about re awakening your skin from the dry and cold wintery weather and make it glow from within. I recently got to try out a couple of products from Clarins latest Spring 2014 collection and I'm truly amazed with the results I have received, radiant skin, here I come!

Clarins Spring 2014 Radiant collection includes the Double Serum, Golden Glow Booster, Sunscreen Care Oil Spray, Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base, Multi Cream Blush, Face and Blush Powder, Mineral Palette and the Multi- Active Day Cream. I was really excited to try out the products, especially after seeing the presentation of them  by a skin care specialist. 

In the past, I have tried several skin serums and all of them have failed miserably, major breakouts ensued after using them! To be honest, I was really hesitant about using the Double Serum, I was afraid of another blemish invasion, fortunately none of that happened! I have been applying the serum for about two weeks now and not only does my skin feel amazing but it also looks like its glowing from within! My skin has literally never looked or felt this good in years, this is truly a holy grail product for me. That combined with the Multi- Active moisturizer and Golden Glow Booster, there's no way you can ever have a bad day! I guess that's what happens when you use products with purely natural ingredients such as green tea, quinoa, vitamin E, marshmallow root, and hyaluronic acid for a major boost in hydration. 

Most of my friends thought it was silly for someone like me to use a self tanner such as the Golden Glow Booster, but it has actually helped with evening out my skin tone and giving me the coveted sun kissed glow. The GGB even has aloe vera in it's ingredients, added moisturization! I'm a stickler for sunscreen protection, if my skincare products don't contain SPF, I walk away which is another thing that made me hesitant about these products because that meant another extra step in the morning and I always feel weird about applying too much on my face. 
The Sunscreen Care Oil Spray contains an SPF 30 which is great for me and it also has natural ingredients so that it does not clog your pores. An added benefit with this oil is that it can be used on your hair. Protecting our strands from the sun is very important especially if it's color treated. I like the product but I definitely won't be using it in conjunction with the other face products because I tried it one morning and for the rest of the day, my eyes were itchy and uncomfortable. 

The makeup products were so much fun to try out, the Multi Cream Blush and Mineral Palette are great choices for the girl on the go! The blush goes on really smooth and can be applied with your digits or with a blush brush, may favorite part about it is that it can also be used as a lip color. For me, being able to pack as little items as I can is always a plus for my bag. The Mineral Palette is keeping up with this year's theme of vibrant orchids and purples for a day to night look, the fun part about this product is that the intensity of the colors can be amped by the use of a wet brush! I use the Face and Blush Powder as my highlighter, it has a really great pink champagne color that blends evenly. I use that with the Instant Light Radiance Boosting Base when I really want my skin to glow, which is practically everyday!

It's really a great feeling to know that you don't have to reach for your tube of concealer everyday because your skin looks and feels fantastic. I've never felt so giddy and excited about a skincare line or makeup products such as this one, my face tells no lies! Readers, this is definitely one to try out, I'm warning you, you will fall in love with these products! This spring I will positively get glowing, thanks to Clarins! Dear readers, will you get your glow on?

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