My Motivation

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

As you may all know I'm pretty addicted to fitness. It's a big part of me and dare I say it, my lifestyle! Although, many of my friends and family just don't understand it. They ask why I'm so devoted to it, why is it important now, what's the big deal with being fit, and many more questions. There are many reasons to devote yourself to a more fit lifestyle and I want to share my reasons with you.

One of my main concerns with fitness is health. While fortunately, health risks don't run rampant in my family I still think about how to make my health better than it is. Good health is a source of energy, happiness, better sleep, better state of mind and of course, physique. Throughout grade school and high school, I played sports and then when I got to college, there were no sports for me to participate in. Me without a source of fitness is not a very happy Jacqui! By exercising regularly I'm able to maintain an upbeat, can- do attitude which I definitely need for the seven million things I do each week. 

Results are my addiction. A few months ago if you asked me to back squat my own body weight for more than 10 times, I most likely would struggle with it, now I do it with ease. Also when it came to doing anything with arms, like chest pressing, over head presses, or upright rows, I couldn't do any without the need of the pink and purple dumbbell weights! I've gotten stronger and it shows. It's absolutely rewarding to be able to accomplish things that you couldn't before, it places you one step closer to your goal. In my resolutions for this year, one of them was to get to fitness model physique, I can see that goal just above the horizon and it makes me want more!

I want to be the best version of myself. Fitness gives me the confidence I need to face everyday and the motivation to conquer everything. By being the best that I can be, helps me feel like i've lived fulfilling because no one likes to look back and say what if? That's never a good feeling. If you've ever wanted to know why I take fitness so seriously, it's because it works. Dear readers, how do you feel about fitness? Is there something that you do as a hobby that you feel passionate about?


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