Cherry Blossoming

I recently attended the Cherry Blossom Festival of Philadelphia, and it was absolutely gorgeous! Cherry blossoms, a tree native to Japan that symbolizes mortality and strength, with beautiful pink and white petals. These trees are one of my favorites, it produces flowers of my favorite color and a great scent to match it's beauty. It also tends to look like a fluffy cloud when in full bloom. Whenever the cherry blossoms start blooming, I know that Spring has truly arrived!

This past winter season has really caused a damper on the cherry blossoms, within the first few weeks of April, the trees tend to be in full bloom but since our most recent winter here was really severe and way too long, it slowed their growth. The trees were still beautiful but not as impressive as they usually are. The thing with cherry blossoms too, is that they only bloom for a week or two and then they're gone! I took this opportunity to introduce my pup to the beauty of them! The Cherry Blossom Festival of Philadelphia, uses this event as a moment to connect people with the Japanese culture through the plants of course and with food, music, and fashion. There were a ton of people dressed in cosplay, characters of many different Japanese shows and video games. It was really fun to see! 

top: City Sports (similar), sports bra: Nike, tights: Nike, sneakers: Nike, bag: Urban Outfitters (similar), sunnies: Firmoo 

I knew that I would be doing a lot of walking and running after my little guy, Chibi so I wanted to keep my ensemble simple and comfortable. I literally live in my activewear lately, I'm always on the move, the gym is my second home and I also work for an athletic apparel brand. For me it's about staying chic while in activewear! Dear readers, how do you like to dress for outdoor festivals? 


  1. Sounds like the Cherry Blossom Festival was a fun event. I will definitely try to go next year. Love your sneakers.

  2. Thanks! They come in many different colors and they're super comfy!

  3. Super lovely blog!


  4. Thanks Dylana! I really appreciate your comments! I hope NYC is treating you well!


Thanks for the sweet whispers! XO