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In Disguise by Jacqueline Davis Moranti
You know how some people claim to have songs and albums that were the "soundtracks of our lives?!" During high school, I would only listen to two albums on constant replay and they were N.E.R.D's In Search Of and Fly or Die. I swear, those two albums were the soundtracks of my life at the time! N.E.R.D's music just seemed to encapsulate my confusing teenage years, "Run to the Sun" and "Maybe" were my top jams! Of course I had to find out who the songwriter to these amazing songs were, Mr Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams is such an inspiration, he's an entreprenaurial genius! From music producer, fashion designer, drummer to philanthropist, he does it all while looking fantastic! In 2005, Esquire Magazine voted him to be "The Best Dressed Man In The World," I totally agree to this. Williams knows how to dress in a unique, but still put together way, which I find to be not too common. I can't think of any other guys I've seen wear camoflauge in so many ways! 

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In all honestly, I guess I truly love Pharrell Williams not only because he's favors a fantastic taste in fashion but because he hones in on the entrepreneurial spirit that a lot of creatives have. Yes, you may be a great accountant but just because your hobby is web designing or fashion photography doesn't mean you can't pursue it too. We live in a world where being a "Jack of all trades" is not uncommon but actually desired! Upon graduating from undergrad, I've ventured off into other things besides what I actually got my degree in and heard everything from ,"You have to focus on one thing," "Your business card get's too confusing with more than one profession," or "No one is going to hire you if you list so many things." While some of it may be true in some places, the gosh darn truth is that most employers look for people with many talents because it's a lot easier and more affordable to hire someone who can do two jobs rather than hire an extra person. I'm going to continue doing what I love and improving on all of them, thanks to Pharrell Williams for the inspiration!


  1. Great post. I love Pharrell as well! I too think its important to be multi talented and to not be afraid to let folks know!!

  2. I love Pharrell! He has such an undeniable look and it's a look I think only certain people can really pull off effortlessly.

    Glad I stumbled across your blog through the Lucky contributors page! :)


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