Moroccan Fashion Headquarters

Last Tuesday, I was invited to the one year anniversary party to this wonderful hidden gem, Mushmina.  Mushmina is a wonderful store located on 1540 South Street, Philadelphia. It houses some of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry, home goods and apparel, all from Morocco! The store and brand was founded by two sisters, Katie and Heather, with a vision to culturally integrate the ideas, vision and spirit that Morocco and Mali have to offer. Their number one mission was to provide opportunities for the women in those [Morocco & Mali] countries to have a way to generate income, they have accomplished that and so much more! As soon as I walked into Mushmina I felt like I was in a whole other country. The store is visually expressive of the culture, so much so that it feels like you've travelled to it. I even love that Katie provided photos of her travels through Morocco, spread throughout the store! 

The celebration of the anniversary party was made apparent by the fantastic wine and foods, the live music (provided by the West Philly Orchestra) and the henna tattoo artist! It was my first time seeing henna in action. I thought about getting a tattoo done, but I have this strange awry feeling about tattoos. I know that it's temporary but I'm just a wuss about marking my body, but that is another story for another post!

My buddy, Chaucee, getting her henna tattoo

If you're in the market for unique, one of a kind pieces, with a cool bohemian vibe, then you will love Mushmina! It's definitely worth checking out, you won't be sorry! I know I'll definitely be back, there's a gorgeous bag with my name on it! 


  1. Sounds like it was a cool event! I'll have to check out that store sometime soon.


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