My Most Loved Gym Essentials, Right Now

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

I’ve been a regular gym frequenter for a few years now and i would say that recently I’ve finally fallen back into a good routine with it. I’m quite particular with what I use and wear to the gym and I’m always so interested in what other people use to make their workouts even better as it’s something that is so personal to each of us. In 2015 I earned my CPT through the International Sports Sciences Association to help empower and motivate others with fitness! While training people, full time has it's ups and downs, right now, my main focus is what works for me, my workouts and wellness. 
As someone who frequents the gym, I have built quite a workout routine with essentials that I take with me all the time to and from the gym. Check them out! 

Face Wipes

A must have in every bag for a post workout mini sweat cleanse! I go hard when I'm at the gym, which also means i'm profusely sweating! I need to make sure that I can wipe off the sweat and gunk immediately after i'm done to prevent breakouts and dullness. I also find that it’s great for removing makeup before a proper cleanse. This item doesn't have to be expensive or exclusive either it just has to get the job done, which is why I've recently stocked up with Primark's face wipes! It’s designed for oily skin but I don’t find it to be drying or stripping which is key for keeping the complexion balanced.

Wearing Ellie Activewear (c/o) and BlankNYC

Resistance Bands

Most of my workouts are done with resistance bands, I never leave home without them! Resistance bands can help facilitate stretching your muscles, and helps you to reach full range of motion. By using resistance bands in my various weightlifting workouts i've been able to gradually increase my resistance. Adding resistance bands to a superset is perfect for ensuring yourself to reach muscle exhaustion safely and effectively. After a set of 6-8 reps with free weights, try adding in a set of reps with a resistance band until you can’t lift anymore. Thank me later!

Ellie Activewear

For a long time, Lululemon has been my go-to for gym attire but once this set from Ellie came into my life I’ve been reaching for them constantly and I absolutely love them. What is Ellie Activewear? Ellie is motivation in a box delivered to your doorstep monthly! What better way to get yourself really inspired to workout than with cute, new clothing to sweat in and at $40 for an entire outfit, it's a win- win! 


Speed Rope

I have a love hate relationship with cardio, I know it's necessary but it just isn't as fun as weightlifting is. Bringing in a jump rope into my routine definitely helped me fall back in love with cardio, because there's only so much you can do with a treadmill. Jumping rope for 10 steady minutes is about the equivalent of running 5 miles. It's also a lower impact exercise which means it won't hurt your joints the way running on the treadmill would. Also for anyone that loves to do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) a speed rope is your bff!

Water Bottle

I sweat a lot when i'm working out, and because of that I need to put in what i'm putting out and that is water! I drink a serious amount of water and rather than running back and forth to the water fountain I prefer to have my water with me and replenish right then and there. I don't like interruptions especially when i'm in the zone! 

Phone Pocket

I need to be hands free, pretty much the entire time i'm working out because of the various exercises i'm performing, holding a phone is not ideal. Neither is just putting it on the ground and coming back to it, there's so many implications to that! I've been using a waist pocket, it's brightly colored for night runs and zips closed, also adjustable. Can easily be washed in a machine too. I simply love this piece for jogging and gym workouts!

Dear readers, what are your gym essentials? Are there items that you have  to have while working out or not really? Sound off in the comments. Also let me know if you would be interested in seeing some band workouts posted on the blog!

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