Travelling While Natural

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

We should be so blessed to be able to get out there and explore other cultures and immerse ourselves in it. To travel and worry about your hair though, that's not enjoyable! Been there, done that. Whenever I've travelled in the past, I just kept my hair twists and updos and while that was cute back then, I yearn for something more "grown & sexy" (insert crying/ laughing emoji) for my new adventures! I'm trying to push myself away from protective styling as a habit and only concern myself with it on lazy days. I get too comfortable and leave my hair in a bun or twists for days! I'm planning some exciting trips ahead and I know I'm not bunning it! Here are a few tips for travelling while natural because hair should never get in the way of excitement!

Photo by Cheyenne Gil

1. Pack your favorite oil/ butter
I'm obsessed with argan butter, solid in form but once you rub it in your hands it melts and becomes a great hair sealant and not to mention a body butter! Easy to pack in a 3 FL oz container to make TSA happy and can last you for your entire trip.

2. Pack a spray bottle
It's common knowledge that moisture is any curly girl's best friend. It's even more so when travelling because you most likely won't have your arsenal of products with you. Always do your own research of the water, especially when travelling abroad because if it's not good to drink, it's not good for your hair either.  At that point stick to bottled water and pour it in the spray bottle.

3. K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Sis)
Who really wants to spend a lot of time perfecting their twist outs/ braid outs while travelling?! Not me. Go out, explore, and wander. Venture out with the people you’re travelling with, or that you meet along the way. Prior to leaving for your trip, know what your staple lazy hair day styles are, and stick to them, for me that's pineappling. Know how often you need to wash, and don’t bother with deep conditioning, use it more like a leave in conditioner; use your time wisely. Same goes for products, bare minimum!

4. Have a silk pillowcase on deck
And remember to wear a silk scarf too. There were many times when I misplaced my scarf and I woke up to tangled hair. Scarves will help your curly hair remain not only moisturized, but in tact for an easy morning routine. If scarves aren’t your thing, try packing a silk pillowcase to sleep on instead. This also helps your skin too! 

5. Create a night time routine
If your hair is out for the day, gather your hair into a very high puff or do chunky twists before bed and re-moisturize. It’s that simple.

And last but not least, let your hair be your last worry! Enjoy you vacation, be adventurous, immerse yourself in the local culture. Your beauty is uniquely you and travelling while natural doesn't have to be hard! Dear readers, what are some of your hair must haves/ does & don'ts? 

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