New Year, New Motivation

Photos by Derrick Hogue 

With the new year ahead of us, and the holidays behind, it's time to focus on yourself. Let 2019 be the year of a healthier lifestyle. Winter can be brutal, but playing catch up on your fitness routine is even worse come spring time! If we're anything like our furry friends, we tend to eat a little extra and pack on the pounds a bit, to stay warm until the warmer seasons. It's understandably scientifically  natural, but it's also imperative that we don't burrow into a cave, aka the couch, and get our bodies moving! Believe me, I understand the logic of not wanting to "suffer" in the cold or feel the least bit of the wintery air upon our skin, thankfully there are options to keep yourself warm and stylish throughout winter!

coat: Uniqlo/ similar, top: P.E. Nation, leggings: ENSMBL/ similar, hat: Tenth Street/ similar, sneakers: Nike/ similar

Fitness is pretty much like any relationship, you want to see the growth and the progress throughout. Like that cliche saying, "you must learn to walk before you can learn to run,"or something quite like that. It's important that you stop to ask yourself, "Am I ready for the next phase?" When you answer that honestly and find that your ego takes control, then you might find yourself moving on to something that you aren't quite ready for. At that point, all of your effort would be fruitless because the foundation is not strong. Personally, I know that there are a lot of things I can physically do and many more that I'm actively working towards. Progression in growth is the fun part, otherwise what's really the point?!

I keep the hustle alive in bits of bold colors and fun prints. As someone who is thoroughly obsessed with muted and neutral colors, i'm challenging myself to add more pops of color here and there. color blocking never gets old or goes out of style. It's also a trend very reminiscent of 80s-90s style icons, which I feel is coming back to the fashion fore front right now. P. E. Nation, one of my ultimate favorite activewear brands pushes this trend in many of its pieces.

Working out is all about comfort, no matter what kind of fitness it is that you're into, grab that sweatshirt and leggings in your closet and get shaking! Dear readers, how will you be motivating yourself this year?

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