Fit Style Destination

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

As a fitness buff, I tend to wear more workout gear than "normal" clothes. Between working out and just working, it's hard for me to get properly dressed and honestly care to get dressed. Therefore, I tend to be "that" girl in the friend group! When I stumbled upon Carbon38, a site that caters to fashion forward women who love athletic gear, I was in heaven!

Spiritual Gangster jacket, legging, bra

Carbon38 was started by two women who are also obsessed with fitness, Caroline and Katie. Their goal was, and continues to be, to combine the worlds of fashion and fitness, and I would say mission accomplished! I recently bought some cute gear via C38 to kick start my new year workouts, which I promise to share more of on Burgundy Whispers. They feature a slew of well known athletic brands, obscure brands, up and coming brands and their own brand.

My goal when getting dressed is always to be functional and stylish; functional enough for a yoga or sweat session at the gym, and fashionable enough for me to go out to brunch right after and look like I belong there! That desire is what led me to find C38.

Here's a look at my current wishlist of products from Carbon38......

When shopping for fun, functional and stylish clothes from C38, I always make sure to look for fabrics that will compliment my body and wick sweat away at the same time. My bottoms always have to have pockets, ventilation, and proper fit. Dear readers, how do you switch your style in between the studio to the street?

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