Fashion Your Winter

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

The Halloween excitement is over and winter will inevitably be ensuing. We officially have less than a month left until Christmas- how crazy is that? Xmas mode is in full gear, every other commercial on Hulu is something to do with Christmas. It seems like only yesterday that cute playsuits and sundress were on full display. But alas, temperate climates are ever changing and one has to go with the flow every season.
Fashion throughout winter is fairly similar to autumn, with the classic tartan prints and pinafores seemingly here to stay, but what we're all about are the new different pieces!

Everyone loves a good oversized scarf. Not only are they the perfect accessory to add a splash of interest to any outfit, but they are also incredibly cosy to wear. A good tartan print, Luxury Irish Fashion Scarves and a striped scarf are my staples in my winter wardrobe.
Scarves are a necessary item to have in your closet, you can tie them in multiple different ways, wear them lose over your shoulders and even braid them to add a special twist to your outfit. If you are struggling for an outfit one morning and you keep getting drawn back to the same black dress and boots, the addition of a bright scarf can bring your outfit to the next level and add that pizazz it really needs.

Checkered prints are always trending this time of the year. Having a checked shirt in your wardrobe is an essential, and you can even level it up by adding in a checked skirt, trousers or even a dress if you are feeling confident enough. Tartan is one of those patterns that just screams winter, and maybe it’s because tartan brings to mind the Scottish highlands, and logs on an open fire in a cabin. If you don’t want to wear a full piece of clothing in this pattern, you can find boots with small accents of checks and plaids that will definitely look stylish paired with some skinny jeans and a chunky knit.

Red is finally the centre of attention. It is the colour that most represents fall and winter with the colour of the leaves and the festive holiday spirit, and it also seems that red has taken over my wardrobe as well! A fitted red jumper or a vibrant midi skirt are all great choices to add to your collection this winter. Fear not, if the idea of wearing a bold red garment scares the hell out of you like it initially did for me, you don’t have to force yourself to wear a thick red jumper right away. Start slowly by incorporating a deeper shade of red into your outfit such as a sleek pair of maroon heels. You’ll be able to show off the fashionable hue without worrying too much about it being blinding. Alas, if you are more confident with the colour, you could go red from head to toe with a red beret, red chunky jumper, a red midi skirt or trousers, and red heels or converse sneakers. You certainly won’t get lost in the crowd!

Boot season is here and I'm super ecstatic about it! Everybody loves a good pair of boots. Whether you still live in the land where Ugg boots are king, or you prefer the femininity of a pair of high heeled Chelsea boots, there’s no denying that a good pair of boots is a staple in anyone’s collection. The boots trend over the last two years has been the sexy over-the-knee boots. You’ll have seen many celebrities rocking this style with a short mini dress which clings to all of their curves. If you want to be a bit extra this year, go and get a pair for yourself.

It’s cold, and nothing says winter like a chunky sweater, wooly hat and a pair of gloves. Always remember that you can be fashionable and comfortable while wrapped up at the same time! The best thing about having a chunky knitted sweater is that on those mornings when you get out of bed and wish you could just stay in your pajamas and can’t find the perfect outfit, you can simply throw on a chunky knit and some mom jeans and boom! Wintery outfit with no hassle!

This winter, keep yourself warm without the sacrifice of style. Fashion is subjective but it doesn't mean you have to dress frumpy to stay sane this upcoming freezing season! As long as I have these major wardrobe pieces in my closet, I'm set for whatever old man Winter has in store! Dear readers, how do stay warm and in style throughout winter?

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