Wear it Well

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti
For many, fashion is much more than the clothing chosen off the store racks. It’s a total passion, and mood enhancer, I recently watched an interview with Kanye West explaining why he is so passionate about designing fashion. In which West explains that he designs for the kids in mind, helping kids feel confident in clothing that suits them. To be able to carry off funky, unique fashions you have to have the right confidence and much of someone’s courage comes from their own views of themselves.

Just think about it, prom, weddings, an event with family or friends you haven’t seen for a while – we all think about how we can look our best for these moments. Once we have an event to attend, we automatically go into healthy-eating mode, detoxifications, juicing, or looking for the best quick fix diets and exercise programs to shed as much as we can to fit the fashion we want. To be able to wear it well isn’t just about a low-calorie diet or anti carbs diet. This resource has the HCG food diet list if you are looking for an effective tool to fit that latest LBD you've been eyeing. Being healthy and feeling your best means much more than having your eating habits under control to wear an outfit, It's all about confidence.

Waiting around to be the right weight will mean you could possibly never feel comfortable in the item of clothing you’re so keen on wearing. However, if you have the right determination, you can wear anything you want that fits you because your body language will show that you feel happy to wear it. Instead try challenging your fashion fears by incorporating a trendy item into your wardrobe and testing it out against items you already own.

It's no secret, that I live in neutral colors, black and white can do no harm! Occasionally I want to venture off into something different, for me that's wearing bright colors. The way I incorporated it into my lifestyle was via makeup. Bright and bold lip colors, pigmented eyeshadows and liners. It's baby steps but it helps me face my fashion fear!
A woman could wear a paper bag with poise and charm the socks off of everyone around, purely based on her own self-esteem from wearing that paper bag. Looking different isn’t going to be your ticket to a new wardrobe, feeling healthy and content with the person that you already are will. As long as you are happy, content, comfortable and alive, people will feed off of that energy. If you are acting with less than ideal body confidence, those around you can tell a mile off. The way you carry yourself, the way you laugh and smile and stand out from the crowd can show people around you that the fashion choices you make work because you want them to. Be proud of the person you are and you will wear it well, every single time.

Making bold choices about your outfits should make you feel happy and proud to be in the skin you are in. After all, clothing is just one way we express ourselves, take a look at what Dia&Co encourages it's staff to do, by creating a staff initiative that emboldens everyone to wear something new and different, something that takes them straight out of their comfort zone! I'm challenging myself to go bold with colours, experiment with styles and enhance the entire look with makeup and a hairstyle to die for. Now that's a way to commence casual Friday at the office! Dear readers, how do you challenge your fashion fears?

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