Coloring Fall

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

I can live in just wearing neutral colors like black, navy, or even camel tones but super vibrant colors or pastels, totally not my thing. As i've expressed before on Burgundy Whispers, I'm much more interested in building a timeless/ capsule wardrobe just so that I'm not filling my closet with things that aren't completely necessary. Yes, occasional on trend item will occasionally by magic appear in my closet but then what do you do with it after the season is over? My little secret to shopping in color is by using the Pantone Color report! Most of the colors featured tend to bear on the neutral side so my minimalist dreams don't get squandered! Here's a look at how i'm shopping the 2017 Fall Pantone colors....

When I associate the color red, I tend to think of Christmas or Valentine's Day, Grenadine is a great alternative to the intoxicating holiday colors. It is also a great transition into those colors.

The muted cousin of the popular neutral color, camel comes out to expose himself just in time for autumn!

Ballet Slipper
Pink is my favorite color despite my love for just blacks and whites, its's actually what inspired Burgundy Whispers. The perfect touch of pink for all millennials!

Tawny Port
The hot color of the season always seems to take on a variation of deep maroons, this season is no different by introducing Tawny Port. A deep succulent burgundy to whisk you into winter.

Shaded Spruce
I'm not one for greens but this is a season for changes. Shaded Spruce is like the adult version of the ultramarine crayon from the nostalgic Crayola box.

Just like my previous post, i'm going to challenge myself to add more color into my wardrobe even if the cooler months are traditionally more neutral in clothing. Thankfully the 2017 Pantone colors have forecasted the hottest colors for me to add into my wardrobe! Dear readers, what are your favorite of the pantone colors?

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