To The Tailor

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

Imagine this, you're at a very special event wearing your favorite silk dress while  you network with friends and business partners. Most likely this event will have some alcoholic beverages and finger food, which means in between conversations you're taking sips of red wine perhaps. While I like to fancy myself a glass of Merlot, I definitely do not like spilling it on my clothes, especially on delicate fabrics. I'm not perfect and accidents happen, but going to a tailor shouldn't be your first and only option, spending money to get rid of stubborn stains is not magic especially when you have Dryel by your side.

Thankfully with a little time and effort, your "dry clean only" garments can be washed easily at home. With my resale clothing business, I occasionally need to take some pieces to the dry cleaners to ensure the quality for my clients, but that can get costly over time and as an entrepreneur you never want to spend more than your profits because then what's the point! Dryel makes it easy for me to create my no fail tool kit to help my items. A few times a month my business partner and I will go "hunting" for some goods at our favorite thrift stores. It's normal to find pieces with minor defects anything more than minor will be dismissed, even if it's a vintage Chanel Bag! 

The power of Dryel is that it treats your clothing with the most gentlest touch, no harm is ever done to your pieces. I'm obsessed with the cloth bag that comes in the starter kits, basically after treating your clothes you place them in the bag and throw it into your dryer, in the delicate cycle and viola! I can never be without my Dryel kit, now that i've been using it. 

Next time you decide to take your clothes to the dry cleaners, stop and consider using Dryel to treat them. Silks, suedes, chiffon and oh my the list of fabrics that Dryel can help goes on and on! I love this product because it helps my regain my freedom from paying exorbitant prices at the dry cleaners and helps me focus on the bigger picture, my business profits! Dear readers, have you tried Dryel?

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