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When it comes to working out the hardest part is not about how much you can or can't lift, it's actually about holding yourself accountable. We can only motivate ourselves and stay motivated before it gets tempting to skip that workout and go out with your friends instead, or raid the cookie jar instead of eating your vegetables. We’re only human! However, one thing you’ll notice people do a lot in an attempt to remain accountable, is by creating fitness Instagrams. Everyone's timeline is a reflection of their interests and goals, and with that in mind I try to tailor my feed in that way.

Not only can an inspirational timeline motivate you to stay on track but also share your journey, it also serves as a visual reminder to see how far you've come in the future. There may be thousands of fitness Instagram accounts out there already, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth creating your own voice in the field. It can also provide value for people who are looking to get into fitness and want some advice, you could be the next big fitness expert! Here are a few ways I keep myself accountable...

Starting a fitness Instagram is pretty easy. Start by setting up the account and post a fitness related picture or video. Hey-presto, you have a fitness Instagram! Gaining some traction does take time, but providing you’re consistent in your efforts and you’re posting, they will come naturally. You can even earn from your fitness passion when you start to gain more followers. However, always keep in mind that followers aren’t your only focus, and that you’re doing this for you. It’s to help keep the integrity of your voice and your vision.

Ofcourse, haters are going to hate! There are trolls out there who will say mean things. Ignore them and do not let them stop your journey, ever. Also, if you’d rather people you know didn’t find this Instagram, you’ll need to find a way to dissociate it from your other accounts. When it comes to my work - life balance, I make sure to keep things that I would rather not have my boss or coworkers see, private.

An Instagram account tailored to one specific subject is great and all, but it isn’t the only thing that works to stay accountable. Asking a friend to join your journey, especially if you know they’ve been wanting to get fit for some time too. Although you have to make sure that whomever you ask to join you must be serious. If they are the type of person who will blow off workouts to do something else, or encourage you to get ice cream/pizza after every workout, they probably aren’t the best person to add to your fitness group texts.

Getting a fitness tracker is another great way of staying accountable. For example, I use a Fitbit which has a built in app that allows me to share my fitness goals with friends and see their stats, as well as set up competitions, "The most steps for that week." You can also see your calories burned, heart rate, and sleeping habits with many of them (your sleeping pattern plays a huge role in your fitness)!

Taking progress pictures is a must. If you know you have to take another progress picture each week, you’re likely going to want to stay on track. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall off every once in a while - it's totally okay to indulge every now and then! That’s why your fitness routine needs to be sustainable. Once you have a balanced routine, it’ll be so much easier to stick to. Dear readers, ho do you keep yourself accountable?

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