Spring Things

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

With every new season, we're excited to try new things. Whether it be that awesome new yoga studio in your neighborhood or that celebrity collaborated makeup line, there's something that make us look forward to it during that season! Spring is great because of the new opportunities for wearing dresses and skirts, open toe shoes and more outdoor events. Spring is also metaphorically the time to start fresh, and the beginning of new life. After cleaning out my closet and home to get it ready for spring, I'm ready for new things to inspire me that remind me of this wonderful season. I've compiled a list of my favorite Spring things!

Spring is all about fresh and new, which is why i've decided to try out new things and versions of things I already love!

Whether or not the Spring fever has gotten to you, I'm totally feeling it! My closet is fully stocked with my favorite spring things and reflective of all the good vibes that sway with this season. definitely happy to say goodbye to all of the cold weather and thick sweaters. Dear readers, how are you enjoying your Spring?

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