Smart Stylist

illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

We all have those moments in which we wake up and have no idea what to wear for the day. On frequent occasion, I even feel like I don't know what to pair with this or that item of clothing, okay I'll be honest, that tends to be most mornings for me! When it comes to my work clothes, I usually stick with the usual blacks and greys to get myself out of the door fast, it's also easy to think in neutrals. Lately, I realize I don't want easy and that's where the frustration comes from! Fortunately there is an app to help with those fashion woes, called Cladwell!

Cladwell is a smart app on your phone that acts like a personal shopper for your closet, how genius is that idea?! Cladwell believes that you shouldn't have to throw out your wardrobe and make room for new items because perpetually shopping isn't always fun or nice to our wallets. With the app all you have to do is check of what you own and love wearing in the app, by clicking on items that closely resemble stuff you own. Best part is that you don't have to take photos of your items. This app also syncs up with your local weather and matches the oufits for that day with your location. That's definitely my favorite feature because there have been many times in which I have walked out into a rainstorm with no umbrella or rainboots, yikes! Cladwell does the thinking for you so that you don't have to spend unnecessary amount of time pondering. 

As someone who tries to keep her wardrobe simple and minimal, Cladwell also helps with that. By having my closet in my hand with a visual representation. Cutting the clutter never felt so easy than by the touch of my hand! For me that means, cutting out the overtly trendy pieces, by asking myself "Will I continue wearing this in 10 year or so?" If it doesn't match my current needs then I put it in a donate pile or sell it on my shop! 

If you've ever woken up and stood in front of your closet trying to decide what to wear, like myself then try out Cladwell. Mornings were never my thing but working a 9-5 means you have to get used to it. Last week I actually had time for a real breakfasts and long walks with the pup, all because I switched out the frustration with getting ready for work by letting Cladwell dress me. Sure, some days the outfit might seem a little bland but it still helps build the foundation of the look. Dear readers, have you tried Cladwell yet?

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