Festival Style Refresh

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

With the beginnings of the warmer weather marks a brand new music festival scene! From Coachella to Electric Daisy and countless other festivals, there are many opportunities to look boho fresh! This year like the past is no different although the styles are better and bolder. And ofcourse before you grab last year's floral sundress, remember that in 2017 it's all in the details! This year, even if you don't have tickets, take the time to refresh your festival style with some new trends.

Tee Dress

Keep yourself cool whether you're dancing in the desert or getting boogie in a mosh pit! Tee shirts are known to be trusty companions for easy, everyday wear. Rather than wearing it with jeans, how about trying it without any bottoms at all?! Of course, that is if the hem is long enough! 

Crochet Top

I love intricate details to make an outfit go from drab to fab! Crochet knitted tops and dresses also provide some much needed ventilation for when the temperatures start to rise.


Sometimes when you only have five minutes to spare, all you want to do is put something on and dash to that concert stage with your favorite dj spinning tunes. Rompers are the perfect piece for when time is not on your side, it combines bottom and top all together to get you out the door faster!

Pom Poms

This year's biggest up and coming trend is also the cutest one, pom poms! This little detail adds some fun to any outfit by giving it dimension and attitude.


This season I'm really excited for culottes, they're the in between version of pants and shorts with a lot of leg room. Culottes make the perfect dance partner! 

This year have fun with your festival style and incorporate something new. Eclectic details and ultra femme styles keep you festival ready, even if you don't have tickets! The best part about these styles is that they're perfect for transitional weather, mix it up for now layer it for later. My favorite fashion pieces are the ones that can get multiple uses, even after festival season! Dear readers, how do you do festival season?

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