Gym Formalities

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti

It's the beginning of the year and much of the American public has resolved to induce more fitness into their lives. This time of the year, the flood gates are open and your gym is likely to be filled to capacity more than you are used to, which lately has been the case for the gym that I attend. I think it's wonderful that people are vowing to make fitness more of a habit into their lives, I want others to enjoy and see fitness the way I do. But of course, with this influx of gym members, you meet some of the rudest people who make you wonder how they go through life with out manners. Since I workout 5-6 days a week, I've learned how to avoid awkward interactions and mean mugs. Here are some of my tips to avoid being that annoying person in the gym!

With proper etiquette and awareness you will probably never be THAT person! One of the most foolish things I have witnessed was someone curling dumb bells in the squat rack/ power rack. Not a good idea. This person delayed others from being able to use the machine for it's dedicated exercises so that he could stare at himself in the mirror covertly. The best thing that this person could have done was select the proper area for his workout, especially because the squat rack is very limited and of high priority to many. 

Gyms are filled with tons of bacteria that could be crawling with viruses. This is exactly why gyms are equipped with wet naps and sanitizers that can be used to wipe down equipment and machines. 

Sometimes, I'll be moving through my circuits and when I get to my last set, I find someone just sitting on the coveted equipment, texting and staring at their phone for endless amounts of time. There is absolutely no reason to sit or stand in front of gym equipment if you are not going to use it, this sets back everyone. If you have to read something on your phone or make a call, step aside and everyone's happy. When I'm at the gym, I like to do what I intended to do and leave. There's no time to "diddle daddle!"

Don't be afraid to work in with someone or ask how many more sets they have with the equipment. Asking is much more courteous than just flat out taking the equipment or machine. I usually set my workouts in circuits or supersets to curb my rest time, because of this I usually have more weights around me than the next person. I always share if someone asks because I under stand that the equipment is limited. It's basically just trading off equipment in between sets. 

Keep your comments to yourself. This is only okay if you are comfortable with the person and know them personally. So you might see someone doing an exercise in horrible form, you want to stop them and tell them exactly that but rather than getting a good response, it's totally opposite. Be polite and do your own thing. 

Hopefully you can learn from my experiences and go to to your gym like a pro! Etiquette will get you far in your fitness goals! Dear readers, do you have a great gym story? Do you have any fitness goals this year?

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