Winter Wear

Lately, I've been living in my athletic wear. I work out about 5-6 days a week which means I'm always running around in sneakers! You might be asking why, I've been so into the health kick? I am actually training to eventually compete in figure and physique competitions and because of that I am always on the look out for good workout gear that provides great moisture management, movement, speed and still keeps me warm in the cold temperatures. Look no further than Puma for the answer! 

Photos by Sabina Louise Pierce

The Philadelphia Mills Mall, just outside of the city just opened up it's newest addition, Puma. Puma is a fantastic brand for the fitness enthusiast, from sports to lifestyle and fundamental pieces to provide you with the utmost comfort and performance while still keeping you in style. Most don't believe me when I tell them that active wear can be quite fashionable too, Puma proves me right! 

                                              vest: Puma, fleece: Puma, leggings: Puma, sneakers: Puma

Now that the temperatures are getting much cooler, running miles outdoors feels almost unbearable. Whenever I start to feel a chill, I lose my motivation to work out which is why I look for pieces that help keep me warm and pieces with reflective elements to make me more visible to  others. Puma has some really great tech built into their wintery attire called warmCell that helps retain heat, close to the body and maintaining optimum temperature while still wicking away sweat. This is exactly what I need for those cold, morning runs! The half zip fleece and leggings are also lightly lined with an elastane fleece which feel so comfortable on your skin. The vest is probably one of my favorite pieces because of how light and easy to pack it is. It's a lightweight down vest that keeps you warm and acts like a wind breaker. The neatest part is that it packs into it's pocket to make it an easy travel companion!

                                                              top: Puma, hoodie: Puma, tights: Puma

I do a lot of indoor workouts such as yoga and martial arts training which means I need attire that can let me move freely. Puma has a great range of flexible tights that move with you. I've had a slew of bad tights in the past, ones that were not so flexible, ones that ripped easily and ones that just had no give to the material at all. Those negatives don't help when you're practicing a downward facing dog or a 90 degree angled handstand! Puma allows you to stay focused and motivated with their tights by not having to think about what you're wearing. 

                                                        hoodie: Puma, tights: Puma, sneakers: Puma

As I have mentioned before, I travel a lot in my athletic wear which means I need it to be comfortable for long periods of time. Puma has a great variety of lifestyle options to choose from.  Puma embraces contemporary design and innovative sports technology to keep you at your best, even when you're not training. This hoodie is one of my favorites because of it's cotton rich, sweat fabric. It's the perfect mix of comfort and style especially with Puma's wide range of all over graphic tights. Just because I workout, does not mean I have to sacrifice my style! 

I'm obsessed with activewear, unfortunately too many brands tend to forget that women want to look fashionable while wearing it too. Puma has answered many of those woes by providing fitness enthusiasts with performance delivering pieces that also have a stylish edge. The best part about the Puma store in the Philadelphia Mills Mall is that it's an outlet store, meaning great savings ahead! If you consider your self an athlete, like myself then I totally recommend that you check out the Puma store for the best athletic wear you will ever find! Right now you can enter to win a $100 Puma gift card to experience just how fashionable you can be while wearing Puma! 

Dear readers, have you been to the Philadelphia Mills Mall and would you try Puma?

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  1. I've never tired Puma for workout gear, but their shoes have always been cute to me. Also, your illustrations are so beautiful.

  2. I never really thought of Puma for workout clothes but they have cute items!

  3. They were sooooo comfortable, you have to try!

  4. Puma is a classic, it hasn't been on the radar like other brands recently but I believe it will soon change!


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