Night Chic

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti, c. 2010

You might know that I am quite obsessed with fitness. I try to live a healthy lifestyle with daily activities and positive nutrition choices. Nutrition, is not that easy to figure out, at least for me it took a while to get it down to a science. When it comes to fitness activities, I've tried a handful of different routines and sessions to keep my mind focused and motivated one of them is martial arts tricking. Tricking is a combination of acrobatics, Capoeira, karate, gymnastics and Tae Kwon Do.  It's absolutely fun and never a dull moment practicing it! Practicing tricks, tucks and tumbles require attire with a lot of movement and forgiving fabrics. I recently discovered Swedish activewear brand Bjorn Borg that designs with you in mind to make you look "active and attractive."

Bjorn Borg just launched it's new RFLX collection, which is all about being seen at night with the added element of reflective embellishments. Now that the days are getting shorter, being able to take a jog or practice fitness activities outside is getting much more difficult to do. The way that Bjorn Borg adds these elements is throughout the design process rather than an after thought. Too many active wear brands do not add enough reflectivity making the consumers buy extra accessories, just to be seen. In the RFLX collection, all of the products are made with microfiber reflective material to take away the worry of the night. 

Bjorn Borg also designs some awesome active underwear that helps you move freely and with ease throughout any strenuous fitness activity. That is something I could totally get behind because under garments make the difference between reaching a new goal and making a difference in your routine. This is definitely a brand for other brands to watch out for and take notes! 

Images via Bjorn Borg

Dear readers, I'd like to know how you make yourself seen when working out at night? Would you try out Bjorn Borg's apparel? 

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