The Calm Before the Storm

It was the day before the big blizzard was to hit the North Eastern states, and all was calm, sunny and even a bit mild. It was absolutely a lovely day, one that Philadelphia has been missing for long but then Old Man Winter had to threaten us with the next big blizzard, Titan! I am way beyond over this winter season weather, after a while, wearing layer after layer gets to be quite boring and annoying. Alas, that is life and one must keep it moving and assimilate to the weather conditions. This outfit does just that, layered with love!

sweater: Forever21(similar), pants: UrbanOutfitters, scarf: FreePeople, socks: ClubMonaco, wedges: Zara(similar), jewelry: C/O ElleB, Jewelmint
To keep myself from getting bored with my winter wardrobe, I tend to play with textures, fabrics, prints and colors. A "weird" printed sweater and some leather joggers, why not!? I kept the colors similar, shades of blues from top to bottom. The sock and sandal trend will always be one of my favorites, it's a fun way to transition your footwear into Spring without feeling the chill in between the seasons! 

Playing with textures is like playing with prints, you keep trying until you get a perfect match. Even if the match is not exactly perfect, it's unique to you, and that is how you beat the winter blues of dressing! Dear readers, I'd love to hear how you add some pizazz to your wardrobe when you're not too ecstatic about the weather. 


  1. I love the colorful sucks with the open-toed shoes here. I have just started wearing my bebaroque bejeweled socks with open shoes recently--I am a total convert to the trend! This outfit looks really great on you!

    On an unrelated note--I think my email may be getting stuck in your spam filter. Your holiday swap giftee recently emailed me asking if her secret santa had sent out her illustration. I know you were shipping international so it can take some time, but if you have a sec could you please let me know if you sent out your piece? I would love to be able to let her know. I am totally excited to have you participating!!!


  2. Girl, your records are crazy! Congratulations!


  3. Thank you!!! Just working hard!


Thanks for the sweet whispers! XO