Tastemakers, Kelly Osbourne

Illustrated by Jacqueline Davis Moranti
For the children of celebrities, it's not hard to get in the spotlight. In fact, drawing attention comes way too easily! Daughter of darkness (Ozzy Osbourne's nickname), Kelly Osbourne was no stranger to the lime light, her family had a reality show on MTV where it chronicled her dysfunctional and close- knit family unit. Soon after she started creating music and even a clothing line, Stiletto Killers. It was when she became a fashion correspondent on Fashion Police that I really took notice of her wicked style!

From hosting and attending fashion events, worldwide Kelly's style has evolved since her reality show with her family. Although, one thing has stayed true to her fashion sense, her rockstar edge! Studs, leather, and purple hair, counter balanced with femininity like pastels, pinks, a line skirts, pleats and pumps.The best way to take a stance with fashion and to truly stand out is by making it your own and showing your personality, which Kelly does perfectly! Also anyone who can make wearing a black dress a statement piece, is always a true fashion maven in my book! 

Kelly Osbourne knows what it takes to really stand out on the fashion world, she can take a trend and turn it into her own. Being able to stand out doesn't come easy for everyone and it can take time to find your style, key thing is to be yourself! Kelly Osbourne is a true tastemaker!

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